China News Service, November 8th. According to foreign media reports, recently, the World Health Organization stated that 6 countries around the world have reported cases of new coronavirus infections in farmed mink.

  The WHO stated in a statement that "As of now, Denmark, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, Italy and the United States have reported cases of farmed mink infections with the new coronavirus to the WHO."

  According to previous reports, the Danish National Serum Institute stated that as of the evening of the 5th local time, 12 people have been confirmed to have been infected with the mutant new crown virus, involving 5 mink farms.

However, the Danish "Division" reported that from June to mid-October, 214 people in Denmark were infected with this new crown virus variant, 200 of whom were in North Jutland.

  North Jutland is the main mink farm in Denmark.

Denmark is one of the world's largest mink producers. There are about 1,100 mink farms raising about 17 million minks.

  In view of the occurrence of multiple cases of mink transmitting the mutant new crown virus to humans in the Danish mink farms, the Danish government announced the slaughter of all domestic mink farms and the "closed cities" of 7 northern cities.

  The WHO stated that further scientific and laboratory research is needed to verify the initial findings reported and understand any potential impact of this finding on diagnosis, treatment and vaccines under development.

  Maria Van Kelkhoff, the head of WHO's new crown virus technology, said at a press conference on the 6th that WHO and its regional offices are reviewing the biosecurity of mink farms in various regions to avoid "overflow" conditions. That is similar to the new crown epidemic that occurred in Denmark.