Leeds United striker Patrick Bamford confirmed that the video assistant referee "is destroying football" after canceling his goal due to a narrow margin of offside against Crystal Palace in the Premier League on Saturday.

Bamford thought he had leveled 1-1 after an impressive finish, but the video referee canceled the goal for having part of his arm offside at the time of passing the ball.

Bamford was actually referring to where he wanted the ball, but the mouse referee saw that he was an offside, justifying that by the recent amendment to the handball law that considered the upper part of the shoulder not of the arm at the base of the handball this season, as the mouse considered Bamford to be offside with his shoulder / armpit .

In fact, this is a misinterpretation for several reasons, the first of which is the following image that the mouse relied on in calculating offside, which shows that the upper part of the shoulder is not closer to the goal line than the ball and the last second defender, where we find that the arm even beyond the elbow is the one inside the imaginary line drawn , And it is negligible in offside because the player cannot score goals with it.

📸 - A shot of Patrick Bamford's first goal canceled in front of Crystal Plus.

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- English football events (@Silvr_EPL) November 7, 2020

"I don't understand the rule, you can't score with your arm, this is not logical, this happened with me today, but I've seen it on many occasions," Bamford told the BBC after defeating Leeds 4-1 at Selhurst Park.

"It damages football. You want to watch the goals. Goals canceled because of such things is ridiculous," he added.

He continued, "Even the referee cannot find the logic behind this, when the players and referees do not find the logic in that .. Is this logical?"

Bamford's goal is the latest revoked goal that has generated controversy, prompting some critics sarcastically to describe such decisions as "armpit infiltration".

"BT Sport" analyst Robbie Savage described the decision as "unbelievable."

Savage said, "His body is not offside, he hit the ball where he wanted it, the streak appeared on his arm, and it was not a handball, and on the sleeve of his shirt, which is what they say was offside, this is really unbelievable, this is the strangest thing I have seen, oh horror." !

Former England striker Gary Lineker described the incident as absurd, while Palace coach Roy Hudson also sympathized with Bamford.

This case resulted in a severe injury to Van Dyck, and a penalty kick was not awarded to Liverpool (Getty Images)

Many teams were exposed to clear arbitration injustice from the controversial mouse decisions, most notably the case in which the Everton goalkeeper violently attacked the knee of Liverpool defender Virgil Van Dyck and dropped him to the ground without playing the ball, causing him to cut the cruciate ligament that he would miss until the end of the season.

The mouse did not intervene to award a penalty kick or any expulsion of the goalkeeper, whose passage by Van Dyck meant a scoring goal for Reds.

There are other cases in which Liverpool have been wronged as well, prompting their coach, Jürgen Klopp, to point out that there are many penalties not counted for his team.

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