A Hollywood film starring world-famous actors is currently being shot in Tampere.

The dual film is a science-thriller with a budget of about $ 5 million, or about $ 4.3 million, produced by Hollywood-based production company XYZ Films.

The film stars Karen Gillan, known from the Doctor Who series and Jumanji films, as well as Aaron Paul, known from the Breaking Bad hit series.

Gillan, 32, has been in Finland for weeks and the star has published several pictures and videos of Finland in the Stories section of Instagram.

Karen Gillan is known for her roles in Avengers films, among other things.

She has also been seen in the female lead in the Jumanji films starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.Photo: Annette Riedl

The dual film will be shot in Tampere and, based on his Instagram, Gillan has become acquainted with bars in Tampere, among other places.

- I found my local whiskey in Finland!

the Scottish actor rejoices in Instagram’s Stories.

In her spare time, the actress has also had time to explore local bars. Photo: Kare Gillan Instagram

A Tampere coffee specialty has also attracted the attention of a Hollywood star.

In her Instagram, Gillan shared a picture of a bunny café with a 3D Crush advertising stand announcing that Gillan is eating and drinking in the cafe for free.

- Karen Gillan and her clones eat and drink in the cafe for free.

This also includes entrance to the bunny therapy room, the cafe informs.

The offer seems to appeal to Hollywood stars.

- This caught my attention ... Gillan writes on her Instagram.

The offer of the Tampere café caught Karen Gillan's attention. Photo: Karen Gillan's Instagram

Gillan isn’t the only star in the film to have had time to admire and marvel at Tampere in the midst of filming.

New Zealand actor Beulah Koale, seen in the film, released a video on her Instagram in which she marvels at the snow.

Beulah Koale is familiar to TV viewers from the Hawaiian 5-0 series, among others. Photo: Kay Blake

- I'm going to the gym.

I stepped out and I have a huge smile on my face.

There is snow here!

I'm in a place where it snows!

the actor rejoices on Instagram.

Not much has been told to the public about the descriptions of the dual science thriller.

It is known that the film will be shot in Tampere at least in the Hervanta district and near Metso's main library.

The film has also been shot in Lempäälä in a detached house area.

At the end of October, a note slipped into the mailbox of Ruskea-ahti residents announcing that a film was being shot in the area.

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