A total of six boats with about 304 people on board were rescued overnight in the southern waters of the island of

Gran Canaria

and transferred to the

Arguineguín Pier

, while four other irregular vessels - two to the south of Gran Canaria and two to the south from

El Hierro

- they have been intercepted this Saturday morning with at least 161 people.

As reported by the

Emergency and Security Coordinating Center (Cecoes)

, 112, in the case of the night boats, once on land, these more than 300 people were assisted by personnel from

the Canary Islands Emergency Service (SUC)

, from

Red Cross

and the health center in the area, without requiring any transfer to the hospital.

For their part,

Maritime Rescue


have explained to Europa Press that already during the morning, specifically around 07.00 hours, the Las Palmas Rescue Center received a notice from the Civil Guard about an echo detected on the radar at about 18 miles south of Gran Canaria, so the

Guardamar Talía

was sent to the area

, which intercepted two boats.

In the first one, 28 people of Maghreb origin traveled -27 men and one woman- while in the second there were 29 Maghreb men, who were all transferred to the Arguineguín Pier.

In addition, around 0800 hours, a ship notified the


Maritime Rescue Center

about the location of a boat about 33 miles southeast of

La Restinga

(El Hierro), activating the

Helimer 202 helicopter

and the

Salvamar Adhara


In this sense, the air resource located this irregular boat, in which 4 subaharan people were traveling, and another with around a hundred migrants.

Finally, due to the good sea conditions, it was decided to tow this second boat to the Restinga Pier, where it is expected to arrive in the next few hours.

Another boat with 38 migrants brings the total to 503

A new boat with 38 Maghreb migrants inside has been rescued this Saturday morning and its occupants, including two women and two minors, have moved to the

Arguineguín Pier

(Gran Canaria).

As Maritime Rescue sources have indicated to Europa Press, the

Sasemar 101


located the irregular vessel, so the Las Palmas Rescue Center sent the

Salvamar Menkalinan

to the area


In this way, around 10:30 a.m., the migrants were rescued and the empty boat was towed to Arguineguín, where the arrival is expected around 12:15 p.m.

Since last night, and counting this boat, there are already eleven irregular boats that have arrived in the Canary Islands with about 503 people.

Two other cayucos in Tenerife

In addition, two other cayucos have been located in the central hours of this Saturday with more than a hundred occupants in each one when they were about 7.5 miles south of Punta Rasca (Tenerife), as sources have informed Europa Press of Maritime Rescue.

At around 1:15 pm, the Civil Guard notified the Tenerife Rescue Center of the detection on the radar of two suspicious echoes, so the Salvamar Alpheratz and the Pico del Teide de la Benemérita patrol boat moved to the place.

In this way, once in the area, they intercepted two cayucos over 20 meters in length and accompanied them to the Port of Los Cristianos.

So far this Saturday, since last night there are already 17 irregular boats that have arrived in the Canary Islands - thirteen of them in Gran Canaria - with at least 871 people, in the absence of the final count of these last two cayucos .

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