The latest figures showed that the fortunes of the US Democratic presidential candidate, Joe Biden, have strengthened after his progress in Pennsylvania and Georgia, which is expected to be recounted, while messages of skepticism continue from the campaign of the Republican candidate, Donald Trump, in the screening process, and Trump has pledged a legal battle.

And the Democratic Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, said, "It is clear that Joe Biden is heading to win the White House."

She used "the president-elect" when talking about Biden, a phrase usually given to the winner of the election until he takes office on January 20.

For his part, the mayor of Philadelphia expressed his belief that Biden would win the state of Pennsylvania, according to the numbers he had seen.

In light of the successive numbers that are going in Biden's favor, the media have reported that additional protection will be provided to him after he is near the corner or near the White House.

CNN reported that the US Civil Aviation Authority restricts air traffic over Biden's residence and campaign headquarters in Delaware.

Sources close to Biden's campaign stated that he would deliver a speech to the Americans tonight, coinciding with his progress in the states of Nevada, Pennsylvania and Georgia, and pictures showed preparations in Wellington for this speech.

Biden's campaign confirmed that the United States government is able to remove what it described as infiltrators from the White House, in reference to the declared positions on the Trump campaign.

Biden is ahead of Trump in Georgia by 1,016 votes, after 99% of the vote has been counted, although the counting processes are still continuing, according to the Associated Press.

If Biden - who has so far won 264 votes in the electoral college - manages to obtain this state's 16 votes, he will deprive Trump of the opportunity to reach the 270 votes needed for him to win a second term.

Accusations of forgery

The US President had renewed accusations of fraud without providing any evidence.

"If I count the legal votes, I win easily. If I count the illegal votes, they can try to steal the elections from us," he told reporters at the White House.

Trump pledged to continue his legal battles, and said - in a statement issued by the White House - "We will continue this process through every possible legal angle to ensure the confidence of the American people in our government. I will never give up the fight for you and for our nation."

The US President said in a tweet on Twitter, that with the attack of radical left-wing democrats - as he put it - on the Republican Senate, the presidency becomes more important.

On Friday, his campaign team confirmed that the presidential elections "have not ended yet," noting that "false estimates that announce the victory of Joe Biden are based on results that are far from final in 4 states."

Matt Morgan, general counsel for President Trump's campaign, said - in a statement - that the voting operations in the states of Georgia, Nevada and Pennsylvania were all marred by irregularities, and that Trump would eventually win in Arizona.

The statement came after Biden overtook the Republican president in Pennsylvania, making him in a position to win the 20 electoral college votes.

And on a Facebook page, the "Stop Theft" campaign was launched, with Trump supporters promoting the theory that Democrats want to "steal the election" through massive fraud.

These rumors have spread rapidly since November 3, when President Trump re-launched the idea of ​​the Democrats attempting to "steal the elections" through his Twitter account, which is followed by 88 million people.

Dismissive statements

On the other hand, former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney said that it was wrong to say that the elections were rigged and corrupt because this would weaken institutions and fuel destructive and dangerous feelings.

For its part, the Pennsylvania Election Commission said that the president "accuses us of corruption, but we continue our work and will contribute to a smooth transition of power."

He added, "Democracy is working, and we have done an excellent job, especially with the introduction of the mail-order voting system."

In Georgia, State Secretary Brad Ravensberger told a news conference that he expected a recount of the state's votes due to the narrow margin among the candidates.

However, the official confirmed that there are no practices calling into question the integrity of the counting operations, and that verification of votes by mail and the votes of the military continues in several provinces.

The National Council for Election Integrity issued a statement rejecting Trump's questioning, and said in a statement that the president used the White House platform for 15 minutes to make false allegations that undermine the integrity of the elections and harm those in charge of the electoral process.

The statement added that there is no basis for these "irresponsible" allegations.

More than 100 million Americans cast their ballots early - either by coming in person to the polling station or by mail - before the election on November 3.

Despite claims made by Trump that vote fraud could occur by mail, Democrats - and even some Republicans - say that voting with this mechanism has been a long-standing procedure, and is not flawed.