Trump Camp has been filing lawsuits one after another and sticking to its position against the election.

This time, let’s go to Washington. 

Correspondent Yunsoo Kim, do you think Trump Camp's lawsuit will work?

<Reporter> The

first-trial court has already dismissed the lawsuits against counting counts in Michigan and Georgia.

President Trump said the evidence of the unfair election was full and overflowing, but has not disclosed it.

American media have analyzed that Trump's camp has filed lawsuits in several states, but most of them are small, not affecting many votes.

Even if Trump's claims are accepted in the lawsuit, it sounds like there is little chance of changing the outcome.


Then why are you still suing?

<Reporter> This is

to delay the decision of Candidate Biden's election as much as possible and to keep Trump's own office as long as possible.

It is a story that we will take the time as much as possible by appealing from the first trial to the loss of the second trial, and going to the Federal Supreme Court again, and President Trump is also making this clear.

Let's listen.

[Trump/US President: I think there will be a lot of lawsuits because there is a lot of evidence.

And this lawsuit will probably end in the Supreme Court.]

If you go to the Federal Supreme Court, you have appointed Supreme Court Justice Barrett right before the presidential election, so you have made the Supreme Court a conservative advantage, so it seems to be calculated as a win. .


Candidate Biden is holding a press conference today (7th). Does President Trump have a schedule for today?


President Trump, during his speech yesterday, major broadcasters were convicted of ending press conferences, but there is no official schedule today.

Instead, he made a statement through the camp in the morning, saying President Trump deserves full transparency over the election process and that he will fight through all legal means.

He also emphasized that this lawsuit is no longer about a single election, that is, about the current presidential election, but about the entire US election, making it clear that the US election system itself, including vote-by-mail, will be questioned.