• Courts: Justice declares that the Pazo de Meirás belongs to the State and orders the Franco family to return it

  • Politics: The Government wants the sentence that returns the Pazo de Meirás to the State

  • Justice: The appeal of the Franco family against the sentence that returns the Pazo de Meirás to the State is admitted

December 10 at 11 a.m.

It will be the day and time when the State consumes the judicial victory against the Franco family for the property of the

Pazo de Meirás

, Francisco Franco's summer residence in the Coruña town of Sada.

On that day, the heirs must surrender the property voluntarily and, if they do not do so, a forced eviction will be carried out.

The date has just been set by the Court of First Instance number 1 of La Coruña, which in September issued a ruling that upheld the lawsuit filed by the State Attorney, concluded that Meirás is public property and sentenced the dictator's family to surrender The building.


Marta Canales

agreed, at the request of the State, the provisional execution of the sentence despite the fact that it is not yet final.

Franco's heirs appealed the sentence before the La Coruña Provincial Court, considering that it is "notoriously partial, biased and tendentious" and that the ruling did not take into account their arguments in the trial, acting "as if we had not appeared."

The magistrate has set the voluntary handover of the property by the Franco family on December 10 at 11 a.m. and, in principle, it is not expected that there will be any type of problem at the entrance, since in recent days the heirs and defendants in these judicial proceedings were in agreement with the provisional execution of the sentence.

In this proceeding, Franco's six grandchildren and a limited partnership appear as defendants and therefore responsible for this return.

"Immediate eviction"

In any case, and as a preventive measure, the magistrate warns them that "if they do not proceed to the voluntary surrender on the day and time indicated, the immediate eviction will be carried out in the same act."

In addition, the judge also establishes in that order to transfer this order of execution of the sentence to the State Security Forces and Bodies, so that they know the place and time of delivery and that the delivery will be verified by the judicial commission in the own pazo "for security reasons" and "to preserve its integrity".

The sentence, which is going to be carried out provisionally, considers the demand presented by the State Attorney, to which the Xunta de Galicia, the town councils of Sada and La Coruña and the Coruña Provincial Council joined, and concludes that the property it was donated to Franco in 1938 as head of state, not in a private capacity.

That donation was made, according to the magistrate, "to the self-proclaimed head of State,

Francisco Franco Bahamonde

, for lacking the essential requirement of form" and with this judgment it is annulled.

"Franco buys nothing"

The magistrate also maintains that three years after that donation, in 1941, the then head of State carried out a sale and purchase operation to acquire the pazo in his name, which was a "simulation" to register the estate in the Property Registry, a "simulated" purchase in which "Franco buys nothing."

In addition to understanding that the property belongs to the State, the judge declares void the part of the deed by which Franco's heirs took over the property, as well as the donation that is included in a deed of November 1982 and orders the return without the family being compensated for the expenses they claimed to have incurred for the maintenance of the property since the death of the dictator until now.

The magistrate maintains that the State has credited "in a convincing way" the public, peaceful, uninterrupted possession and ownership.

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JusticeThe appeal of the Franco family against the sentence that returns the Pazo de Meirás to the State is admitted

JusticeThe Government wants the sentence that returns the Pazo de Meirás to the State

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