Taking "crossing the border" as a reason, the DPP authorities seized a mainland fishing boat and arrested 4 people yesterday.

  Taiwanese media reported that mainland fishing boats had so-called "cross-border" fishing news. According to Taiwan's Zhongshi News Network, Taiwan's Matsu Marine Patrol Team seized a mainland fishing boat and arrested the captain on the afternoon of the 5th for "crossing the border". There are 4 crew members.

  According to reports, the Mazu Marine Patrol Team received a report at 1 p.m. on the 5th that a mainland fishing boat "crossed the boundary" appeared 0.3 nautical miles off Beigan Gaodeng, and immediately dispatched 10037 boats to "ban", arresting the captain and crew of 4 People also escorted a mainland fishing boat to the Nangan Fuwo Port.

The marine patrol team seized 170 crab cages on the ship and also stated that they would transfer them to the "Prefectural Procuratorate" for investigation in violation of the "Regulations on Cross-Strait People's Relations."

  According to reports, after the Taiwan Strait cruiser arrived on the scene, it broadcasted its whistle to request inspection, but was rejected by the mainland fishing boat. The marine patrol officers immediately boarded the ship with "superior police force" and arrested the captain, crew and others.

  Taking actions against mainland fishing boats under the pretext of "crossing the border" has become a tactic used by the DPP authorities.

In response to the DPP authorities’ previous frequent seizures of mainland fishing boats and even injuring fishermen, the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council once called on the Taiwan authorities to "comparate their hearts.

  On October 23, more than 20 mainland fishing boats were forcibly driven away by Taiwan patrol units due to strong winds of 7 to 10, hoping to enter the islands near Penghu for shelter.

Zhu Fenglian, a spokesperson for the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council, said that over the years, the mainland has set up reception stations and reception points for Taiwanese fishermen in many coastal areas to provide assistance to Taiwan fishing boats and fishermen for sheltering, supply, and emergency rescue.

In contrast, the inhumane practice of the relevant authorities in Taiwan to savagely drive away the fishing boats from mainland China is very outraging.