Between government hiccups and discontent among the population, the period is difficult for Jean Castex.

On the front line, the Prime Minister falls in the polls and emerges from the first week of reconfinement weakened, even within his majority.

A week later, the re-containment sparked a lot of political passion.

The government's decision, intended to fight the coronavirus epidemic, generated anger among the population, but also some resounding hiccups within the government.

And inevitably, Jean Castex, the Prime Minister, on the front line in this affair, emerges from this first week of very weakened reconfinement.

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Because Jean Castex is the conductor of a government orchestra which does not always play at the same pace today.

This beginning of reconfinement has brought to light some false notes: Bruno Le Maire who grows politeness to the Prime Minister on television, the spokesperson Gabriel Attal who announces a measure before being denied by Matignon ...

"He has no authority, he does not impose himself"

Jean Castex is also the leader of a majority which has let the right strike the Assembly and impose its views on the duration of the state of health emergency.

It is therefore towards him that eyes converge.

"He has no authority, he does not impose himself," tackles an adviser.

And the observation is as valid politically as in the media.

"He does not print", laments a deputy.

So some are already thinking, more or less openly, of the post-Castex era.

In private, the interested party evacuates.

"Critics, I don't give a fuck," he says with his loud verb.

Especially since Emmanuel Macron regularly supports him.

While Jean Castex falls in the polls, the Head of State is resuming colors.

At this point, the Prime Minister at least has the advantage of taking the lightning for the president.