The streets of Paris, during this second confinement -


  • Did you think you saw everything in your neighborhood with the first lockdown?

    How to bring something new to your outings less than a kilometer from your home?

  • Daniel Ramey, president of the departmental hiking committee in Paris, gives 

    20 Minutes

     advice to make his “brief trip” exciting.

  • “You have to know how to get lost in your neighborhood.

    We always go through the same places, the same streets.

    You have to let go, ”he explains.

We thought we would never see her again.

This certificate, this box: "Short trips, within the limit of one hour per day and within a maximum radius of one kilometer around the home ..." And yet, it is back with the season 2 confinement in place since Friday, October 30.

If you have no children - giving access to one or two outings to the nursery or school - the “short trips” box is currently your one and only ticket to freedom.

A freedom "of one hour in a maximum radius of one kilometer" worthy of a low coast version of

Into the Wild.

In previous episodes of confinement, when we marveled at the song of birds, everyone normally had time to discover their neighborhood, their nooks and crannies, their details and let's face it to play with fire by venturing into a street outside perimeter.

Thrills guaranteed.

Or to experiment: How many kilometers can I do in an hour?

How long will it take to cover a kilometer?

Boredom is at its peak.

“I have already walked around my neighborhood a thousand times during the first confinement.

A square kilometer is very small and gray, ”laments a colleague from

20 Minutes


So how can you make your “one hour walk in a maximum radius of one kilometer” sexy walk in the capital? 

20 Minutes

interviewed Daniel Ramey, president of the departmental hiking committee in Paris.

" To get lost "

Before walking, warm up.

And for that nothing better than the stairs of his building.

“You can train in the steps, it's very good for hiking,” he explains.

The man is also one of the instigators of the GR 75 (formerly GR 2024), the long-distance hiking trail in the capital, inaugurated in 2017. So when hiking, he knows everything.

And Daniel Ramey's best advice to


his exit is to “get lost”.

Like Chris McCandless, in

Into The Wild


We come back to it.

"I want to get lost in the depths of the country, go deeper into nature, without anyone around, I don't want to be pissed off with schedules anymore, especially no watch or map, I don't want anything, just me , all alone, in the middle of the mountains, with the rivers, the sky, the animals, I want to get lost in all that, ”he said.

And the backdrop of the 12th arrondissement can act as Alaska, with a little (a lot?) Of imagination.

“You have to know how to get lost in your neighborhood.

We always go through the same places, the same streets.

You have to let go, take other arteries, venture out.

You have to get lost, ”says Daniel Ramey.

And ideally get rid of your smartphone.

“If you don't really know where you are anymore, you ask people for directions.

We always hear that the Parisians are not nice but it's not true, we are not all from the capital, and some are also happy to live in this city, ”he adds, specifying that he can be beneficial to have suitable shoes and clothing for a good walk in order to be “comfortable”.

A good training for the GR 75

So yes, we know the end of the film and its original story.

So avoid eating anything and everything in your way.

And when deconfining, after your workouts, do not hesitate to go for a walk on the GR 75. The 50 km hiking trail that crosses 75 green spaces all around Paris is currently a candidate for the “favorite GR for the French in” competition. 2021 ”.

In the running, eight candidates from all over France submitted to the vote of Internet users from November 5 to 25. Daniel Ramey defends his baby.

“It is marked with ardor and heart.

It is a quiet GR that exudes calm, without technical difficulty, to be covered at its own pace as a walker, walker or athlete, announces Daniel Ramey.

It is accessible to everyone, in all weathers and easy to access by public transport.

It is a small GR which will become big.



Hiking: We tested the GR 2024 around Paris, created for the Olympics


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