CNN said on Friday that Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden leads the crucial state of Georgia by 917 votes, with the counting of votes in the crucial state.

The Edison Research Center confirmed this superiority, highlighting that the counting of votes is still continuing.

The race between Biden and President Donald Trump is so close that neither has yet reached the required number of electoral college votes to win.

If Biden wins the votes of Georgia's top electorate, he will be the winner of the race to the White House.

This coincided with US President Donald Trump's questioning of the US electoral system, describing it as corrupt after the postal vote counting progressed, which began to tip the scales in favor of Biden, at a time when many voices rose, including Republican votes, demanding respect for the democratic process, and counting all votes.

CBS said the Republican candidate, President Trump, had no intention of conceding defeat, even if Biden had declared victory in the presidential election.

Trump said that if what he described as legal votes were counted, he would be the winner, adding in a speech to the White House that if illegal votes were counted, the elections would be stolen from him, he said.

Trump confirmed that he would file many lawsuits against the election results and against the American system, which he described as a corrupt system.

Trump described the US electoral system as corrupt and complicit with the Democrats, and said that the mail vote is a disaster that destroyed the elections, adding, "We are waiting for what will happen, and we will not allow corruption to steal these elections."

And he stressed that he would go ahead with resorting to the judiciary to reject Biden's progress, even if that cost him to raise the case before the Supreme Court.

Biden is ahead of Trump nationally, by winning more than 50%, while Trump has remained below 48%.

Reports indicate that Biden managed to secure 264 votes from the electoral college votes, and only 6 votes would separate him from winning.

Biden is expected to win as soon as it is confirmed that he won in one of the 3 states in which the conflict has not been resolved, namely Pennsylvania, Nevada and Georgia.

The Washington Post reported that the Secret Service is ramping up Biden's protection in anticipation of his victory.

The American people are waiting for the results of these states to be announced at a later time.

The National Council for Election Integrity responded to Trump, issuing a statement rejecting the president's questioning of the election's fairness.

In its statement, the council said that the president used the White House stage for 15 minutes to make false allegations that undermine the integrity of the elections and harm those in charge of the electoral process.

He added that there was no basis for these irresponsible allegations.

He indicated that politicians can say whatever they like;

But the American people are the ones who choose their leaders, not the other way around, and the statement said that the constitutional process requires all votes count.

The council is a group that includes more than 40 former military and government officials.

In the same context, US Federal Election Commission Commissioner Eileen Weintraub confirmed that spreading conspiracy ideas about the elections will not change the results.

The Commissioner called on President Trump to stop promoting the idea of ​​conspiracy, and said that all votes will be counted, describing Trump's statements at the press conference as lies that undermine democracy.

A group of former attorneys general in the United States, all of whom served under Republican presidents, issued a statement condemning what they described as President Trump's claims of victory, and saying this was premature, as quoted by The New York Times.

Former prosecutors said Trump's allegations of fraud represent a reckless and unfounded precedent, calling on Trump to leave the vote counting process to continue with patience and respect, in accordance with applicable federal and state laws.

The prosecutors demanded that any comments or other actions be avoided that could undermine American democracy.

They added that the process, whether it took days or weeks, should be allowed to take place in an open, fair and legal manner, without any inappropriate political interference, according to the statement.

Republican Senator Mitt Romney described the counting of all votes as part of democracy, and said that the count would continue, and that the alleged irregularities would be investigated and resolved in the courts.

Republican Senator Lindsey Graham also questioned the method of counting the votes in Pennsylvania and Nevada, and said he did not trust it.

Tension between Trump supporters and Biden supporters as everyone waits to know the results of the crucial state elections (Reuters)

But Graham expressed confidence in the administration of the Republican governor of Arizona of the electoral process, and indicated in an interview with "Fox News" (Fox News) that the vote gap is narrowing, at a time when US media announced the victory of Democratic candidate Joe Biden in this state.

For her part, Secretary of State of Pennsylvania Kitty Bukfar told a news conference that the state's vote counting process is continuing, and that there will be enough votes tonight to find out the winner.

The atmosphere is very tense on the street, as supporters of both camps held demonstrations for the second day in several cities on Thursday, with the counting of votes continuing.

Supporters of both Biden and Trump demonstrated outside the vote counting center in Philadelphia, in the crucial state of Pennsylvania, on Thursday morning.

Biden supporters rallied around the slogan "Count every vote", as they see that counting all votes will show the Democratic candidate winning over Republican President Trump.

Supporters of the president responded by calling for "vote protection" in support of his campaign efforts to cancel some categories of ballot papers, including those delivered by mail.