Government agrees to resume traffic between Japan and China For business people Mid-November 6 21:41

Regarding the immigration restrictions for the new coronavirus, the government has agreed with China to resume traffic from the middle of this month for both short-term and long-term business people.

Regarding immigration restrictions for measures against the new coronavirus, the government has allowed foreigners with medium- to long-term status of residence to newly enter Japan, as well as business relations with Singapore and South Korea. It is gradually easing, such as resuming the traffic of people.

The government was also in talks with China to ease the restrictions, but it turned out that it had agreed to resume traffic from mid-month for business people and others.

The target is both short-term residents such as business trips and long-term residents such as expatriates, and this is the fourth case after South Korea, Singapore, and Vietnam.

The number of people who visited Japan for business purposes from China was about 370,000 last year, which was the highest by country, so the government wants to help the economy recover by resuming traffic.