"Count every vote," claim these protesters in Philadelphia, November 5, 2020. -

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THE COUNT AT 11 p.m. (Majority: 270)

Joe Biden: 253 voters

Donald Trump: 214 voters


  • Democratic candidate Joe Biden moved even closer to the White House on Wednesday evening with valuable victories in Michigan and Wisconsin, two states taken from the Republicans.

  • Donald Trump's campaign team has engaged in a legal battle, demanding a recount of the votes in Wisconsin and a suspension of the counting in key state of Pennsylvania.

  • The count continues in Nevada, Georgia and Pennsylvania, states that could tip the ballot.



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7:30 am: Americans still awaiting results from Pennsylvania, a key state for whoever wins

The gap between the two candidates looks very small in Pennsylvania.

So far, 71% of postal ballots (traditionally pro-Democrats) have been counted.

There are 763,000 left, according to CNN.

Results from the Philadelphia area are expected before the end of the night in the United States.

For the moment, the votes are in favor of Donald Trump (50.7%) but Joe Biden could go up thanks to the postal votes.

Hello everyone and welcome to this live.

We will still be following the American election today, the winner of which is still not known.

This is the first time since 2000 that American voters do not know their president the day after the vote.

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