Where is Kari Hotakainen?

Kjell Westö is also not involved.

And not Juha Hurme.

Finlandia's candidates for fiction 2020 were announced on Thursday 5 November.


All of the above successful writers have been left out of the nomination this year.

They all already have the Finlandia Prize for Fiction.

Kari Hotakainen's novel Tarina (Siltala), published in August, has been the best-selling Finnish novel this autumn.

Kjell Westö’s novel Tritonus (Ottawa) has also toured at the top of sales statistics.

Many of Finland's favorite authors, such as Pirjo Hassinen, are missing from Finland's list of fiction candidates.

The nomination is a celebration for small publishers this year.

Aviador, Frog and Förlaget have each received one nomination.

The biggest surprise is Ann-Luise Bertell's Swedish novel Heiman (Förlaget).

The work has not yet been translated into Finnish.

There are two writers who have been Finlandia candidates before: Tommi Kinnunen and Anni Kytömäki.

35,000 copies of author Tommi Kinnunen's novel Did Not Tell the Street have been sold.

Tommi Kinnunen, a mother tongue teacher from Turku who has written four novels, is a real golden finger.

For Kinnunen, the Finnish nomination for fiction is already the third.

This year, he is nominated for the novel Not Telling His Regret (WSOY), which takes place in the Lapland War.

The book, which has sold 35,000 copies on various channels, has been a critical success.

"So far this year's best Finnish novel," Ilta-Sanomat's editor Suvi Kerttula wrote in Tommi Kinnunen's novel review on 22 August 2020.

Anni Kytömäki is nominated for the acclaimed novel Margarita (Gummerus).

Ritva Hellsten, the sister of the late author Raija Siekkinen, has been nominated for the novel Raija (Aviador) about Raija Siekkinen.

Ritva Hellsten became a Finlandia nominee for fiction from her sister, the novel Raija about the author Raija Siekkinen. Photo: Juha Metso

Ilta-Sanomat wrote about Ritva Hellsten's book in September 2020: “Raija is a fictional description of the last year of author Raija Siekkinen, who died at the age of 50.

The novel, which mixes fact and fiction, was written by Siekkinen's sister Ritva Hellsten.

Hellsten is a talented writer. ”

This year, Foreign Ministry Johanna Sumuvuori, Minister of Foreign Affairs Suonna Kononen and entrepreneur Maija Kuusi were members of the Finnish Fiction Pre-Council.

The jury selected six novels for the nomination.

The final winner will be chosen by conductor Hannu Lintu from among the nominated candidates.

The winner will be announced on November 25, 2020.

The value of the Finlandia award is 30,000 euros.

Finnish Fiction Candidates 2020:

Ann-Luise Bertell: Heiman (Förlaget)

Ritva Hellsten: Raija (Aviador)

Tommi Kinnunen: Did not say he regrets (WSOY)

Anni Kytömäki: Margarita (Gummerus)

Heikki Kännö: The Poet (Frog)

Anne Vuori-Kemilä: Black Ice (Karisto)