Emmanuel Macron at the Austrian Embassy in Paris, November 3, 2020. -

Christophe Petit Tesson / AP / SIPA

Second wave of coronavirus requires, Emmanuel Macron will ultimately not go to Austria.

The Head of State, who was expected on November 9 for a meeting with Chancellor Sebastian Kurz devoted to the fight against terrorism, has decided to postpone his trip.

This will be replaced by a videoconference, said the Elysee.

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- Élysée (@Elysee) November 3, 2020

This postponement is due to agenda issues related to the management of the health crisis, said the French presidency.

A spokesperson for the Austrian Chancellery also confirmed the postponement and indicated that "instead of the visit, a videoconference will take place at the beginning of next week on the fight against Islamist terrorism and political Islam".

Visit to the Austrian Embassy

The two leaders had planned to tackle together the subjects of "jihadist fighters, the protection of the external borders of Europe as well as of Turkey", the Austrian government said on Wednesday afternoon.

The French president, who with German Chancellor Angela Merkel pleads for a common European response against terrorism, went to the Austrian embassy on Tuesday, the day after the attack claimed by the Islamic State group which made 4 dead in the center of Vienna on Monday evening.


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