Illustration of a pig farm here in Brittany.


C. Allain / 20 Minutes

A 120 kg pig was discovered Tuesday in the garden of a resident of Lesneven, in North Finistère.

According to Le Télégramme, the disappearance of the animal had been reported the day before by its owner.

This private individual had explained to the gendarmes that his pig, which he had just bought from a breeding farm, had packed up while his vehicle was parked in front of the town's slaughterhouse, where he was to be killed.

The pig would then have succeeded in extricating itself from its cage and taking flight, to the great surprise of its owner, who left to report its arrival to the reception of the slaughterhouse.

The fugitive's run did not last long.

The next day, the imposing silhouette of the animal was spotted by a woman living about a kilometer from the slaughterhouse.

Worried to see a pig wandering in her garden, the latter alerted the municipal police.

The two agents, helped by the owner of the animal, succeeded in installing the escapee in a cage stronger than the first.

History does not tell what happened to him.


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