Al-Assad reveals one of the most important causes of the economic crisis in Syria, which is linked to Lebanon

Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad revealed the real reason behind the worsening economic crisis in Syria, and pointed out that the deposits of Syrians withheld in the Lebanese banking sector are the main reason.

Al-Assad said during a tour of a trade fair held in Damascus with the participation of producers from Aleppo: “The issue is not the siege, and if the siege on Aleppo could not affect it, then the siege on Syria, which cannot be more severe than the siege of Aleppo, will not be the reason behind the problem. (Economic) that we are going through, there is the issue of oil that we are affected by, and the issue of wheat, its supply and burning in the northeastern regions, undoubtedly has an impact.

He added that the Syrians' deposits, estimated at billions, are being held in the Lebanese financial sector as the main reason behind the crisis.

He explained, "The economic problem has another reason that no one speaks about, which is the money that the Syrians took and deposited in Lebanon, and when the banks were closed in Lebanon, we paid the price. This is the essence of the problem that no one speaks about. Of course it is easy to always blame the state and the government, mistakes. Everyone has this, this is another issue, but the current crisis is not related to the blockade, the blockade has been going on for years, and this does not mean that the blockade is a good thing and the Americans are innocent, but the current crisis that began about several months ago was caused by this issue (the money deposited in Lebanon).

He pointed out that the Syrians' deposits in Lebanese banks are estimated at between 20 and 42 billion dollars, and said: "We do not know what the real figure is, and this figure for an economy like Syria's is a frightening number."

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