Donald Trump, November 2, 2020 at a meeting in North Carolina.


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It was however the favorite channel of the American president.

Donald Trump supporters protested against Fox News on Wednesday night in Arizona, as the presidential vote count is still underway.

"Fox News fears," "Shame on Fox News," chanted pro-Trump protesters gathered outside a polling station in Phoenix, Arizona.

They also called for "every vote to be counted," as Maricopa County officials were effectively counting the ballots.

The channel declared Biden the winner in Arizona

At the origin of their anger?

The television channel declared the day before the victory of Joe Biden in Arizona, where the battle between the two candidates is very close and could be decisive.

The count is still in progress in this state and only 86% of the votes have been counted at the time of this article's publication.

Trump supporters chanting “Fox News Sucks!”

Well, now I have really seen it all.

They're starting to turn on their own.

- Keith Boykin (@keithboykin) November 5, 2020

Fox News has been criticized by Trump supporters for a few months.

The president himself, who says he watches

Fox & Friends

and the


talk show

, complained about the channel's treatment of the campaign: too much room for Democrats for his liking.

During the summer, he even claimed he was going to zap Fox News, recalls the Daily Beast, but he has since appeared on his sets several times.


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