Why register housing conditions?

How to protect citizen information?

How to prevent fraud?

——Authoritative departments respond to hot issues in the seventh national census

  Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, November 4 -

Question: Why Register housing situation?

How to protect citizen information?

How to prevent fraud?

——Authoritative departments respond to hot issues in the seventh national census

  Xinhua News Agency "Xinhua Viewpoint" reporter Chen Weiwei

  The 10-year census is here.

At present, the seventh national census has entered the on-site registration stage, and more than 7 million census personnel have entered thousands of households, registering census information item by person, and the entire registration work will continue until December 10.

  Why does the census include housing conditions in the scope of the census?

How to protect the public information collected by the census?

How to distinguish the authenticity of the census personnel's identity?

Focusing on hot issues of social concern, a reporter from "Xinhua Viewpoint" interviewed the head of the Office of the Leading Group for the Seventh National Census of the State Council.

Why should I fill in the ID number?

  [Social Concern] This census is roughly the same as the sixth national census in terms of indicator settings, but there are also changes, mainly the addition of the citizen ID number.

Why should I fill in the ID number?

  [Authoritative response] In order to improve the quality of census data, the ID numbers of census subjects were collected for the first time in this census.

This is mainly for the purpose of data comparison, to realize the comparison and verification of census data with the administrative records of public security, health and health departments, in fact, to ensure the authenticity and accuracy of the data.

The public is extremely sensitive to the collection of ID numbers. We will keep the ID number information confidential, and the entire process of the census will strengthen the protection of citizens' personal information.

Why include housing in the scope of the census?

  [Social Concern] The contents of the census registration include "housing conditions". Some people even think that this is the "first time" included in the census. Why do we need to register housing conditions in the census?

  [Authoritative response] In fact, the registration of housing conditions is not the "first time" included in the census. It is just a "routine action" to do a good job in the census.

  "Checking people" by housing is a method commonly used in censuses around the world. The purpose of "checking people" in the census is to check the population.

At the same time, since population living conditions are an important livelihood issue, in order to understand the overall living conditions of the population in our country, starting from the fifth national census in 2000, the questionnaire has set up indicators related to living conditions, mainly including living conditions and living facilities , Rent levels and other issues related to people’s lives.

This census further improves relevant indicators to better reflect the current population’s living conditions.

How to protect citizen information collected by the census?

  [Social Concern] The census registration includes name, citizenship number, gender, age, ethnicity, education level, industry, occupation, migration, marriage, birth, death, housing, etc.

How to protect the personal information collected?

Will it become the basis for the relevant departments to impose administrative penalties?

  [Authoritative response] This census will use Internet cloud technology, cloud services and cloud application deployment to strengthen the protection of citizens' personal information throughout the process and ensure the safety of citizens' personal information.

It is hoped that the general public will actively support participation in the census, actively cooperate, and fill in truthfully to ensure that the census data is true and accurate.

  Article 9 of the "Statistical Law of the People's Republic of China" stipulates that: statistical agencies and statisticians shall keep confidential the state secrets, commercial secrets and personal information that they learn in statistical work.

Article 33 of the Regulations on the National Census stipulates that the information obtained in the census that can identify or infer the identity of a single census object shall not be provided or disclosed by any unit or individual, and shall not be used as a specific administrative act on the census object. It must not be used for purposes other than the census.

  Moreover, we will strengthen the protection of citizens' personal information throughout the entire process, and it is strictly prohibited for any unit or individual to disclose citizen information to any institution, unit or individual.

Census agencies at all levels and their staff must strictly perform confidentiality obligations for the information learned during the census.

Otherwise, it will bear the corresponding legal responsibility.

How to prevent fraud in the name of the census?

  [Social Concern] Is there any charge for the census?

How to distinguish between true and false census personnel?

Recently, fraud cases in the name of the seventh national census occurred in some places. How should the public prevent them?

  [Authoritative response] First of all, the census does not charge any fees, and do not trust any behavior that asks for property, property, account password information, and SMS verification codes on the grounds of the census.

  The public must identify the real census taker.

All census takers must wear certificates, which must have the stamp of the census office at or above the county level.

If you cannot completely dispel your doubts after reading your documents and official seal, it is recommended to call the community or village committee staff to identify the census personnel.

In addition, the census does not involve any income survey.

If there is such a phenomenon, it can be judged that there is a problem.

How does the public cooperate with the census?

  [Social Concern] Carrying out the seventh national census is an important means to find out the family status of our population. How should the public cooperate with this work?

  [Authoritative response] Carrying out a population census to comprehensively find out the latest situation of my country's population, structure, distribution, etc., will provide scientific and accurate statistical information support for scientifically formulating development plans and improving population development strategies and policy systems.

At the same time, the census data is also the basis for formulating and improving future income, consumption, education, employment, pension, medical care, social security and other policies and measures, for the layout of education and medical institutions, the construction of children and the elderly service facilities, the distribution of industrial and commercial service outlets, Provide decision-making basis for urban and rural road construction.

  Therefore, the census is not only for the national census, but the results of the census are also useful for each census object.

It is hoped that the general public can support the census work and actively cooperate with census takers to carry out investigations.

According to the "Statistic Law of the People's Republic of China" and the "Regulations on the National Census", provide truthful, accurate, complete and timely information required for the census, answer relevant questions truthfully, and do not provide false information, conceal or forge relevant information. Happening.