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Should we favor official gamepads or those offered by other brands?

This selection will tell you more about choosing the best gamepad.

Everything you need to know about game controllers before you buy

What is an official game controller?

This is a controller sold by the same manufacturer as the console.

In the case of the Switch for example, the official controllers are those sold by Nintendo.

But third parties also offer controllers compatible with the Switch, often at a lower price.

Why prefer manufacturers' gamepads?

In general, official game controllers are of excellent quality.

We can therefore expect a long lifespan.

In addition, these controllers are specifically designed for the living room console.

As such, their handling is more pleasant and more intuitive.

What are the advantages of third-party game controllers?

In addition to a lower price, controllers designed by other brands are more versatile.

It is not uncommon for them to be compatible with several game consoles.

Many of them can also be used on a computer.

How to choose your game controller for a computer?

On a PC, game controllers are generally plugged into USB.

This is also valid for wireless controllers, whose receiver is plugged into the computer via USB.

To make your choice, it is best to focus on the shape of the controller, which must be light and ergonomic.

The selection of the best game controllers of the moment

Nintendo Switch Pro Splatoon 2: the game controller in the Nintendo universe

Nintendo Switch Pro Splatoon 2 Gamepad - DR

Nintendo has found new success with the Switch.

For people who do not appreciate the Joy-Con that came with the console, the brand suggests another solution.

This Switch Pro game controller opts for a wireless format and a neat finish.

Moreover, it comes in different customizations.

Here, she adopts the colors of the game Splatoon 2. With her studied profile, she wants to be easy to take in hand.

The pros and cons of the Nintendo Switch Pro Splatoon 2 gamepad:

Most :

  • Perfect grip;

  • Good lifespan;

  • Customized in the colors of the game;

  • Reduced price.

The lessers :

  • Splatoon 2 will not get bored.

Find the Nintendo Switch Pro controller

Sony Dual Shock 4: the PC compatible gamepad

Sony Dual Shock 4 Gamepad - DR

Among the official game controllers, Sony's Dual Shock 4 is surely the most convincing.

Designed for the PlayStation 4, this wireless controller is extremely well designed.

The layout of its keys has inspired many third-party controllers, which testifies to its ergonomics.

It also has an integrated mono speaker, dedicated streaming technology and a built-in rechargeable battery.

In addition to good battery life, this PC-compatible controller can be plugged in to play while recharging.

The pros and cons of the Sony Dual Shock 4 gamepad:

Most :

  • Unparalleled ergonomics;

  • Possibility to play while recharging;

  • Integrated mono speaker;

  • PC compatible.

The lessers :

  • Cable not supplied.

Find here the Sony controller

Razer Raiju: the alternative game controller for PS4

Razer Raiju Gamepad - DR

The Razer brand is not the originator of the PS4, but it does offer gaming peripherals with excellent bills.

With this Raiju, this time it offers a high-end controller for the PS4 and the PC.

Compared to the Dual Shock 4, the Raiju has four additional programmable buttons.

Its weight and shape have been revised to improve grip while taking new features into account.

La Raiju can be connected wired or wireless.

The pros and cons of the Razer Raiju gamepad: 

Most :

  • The four programmable buttons;

  • Redesigned weight and design;

  • With or without wire;

  • PC / PS4 compatible.

The lessers :

  • More expensive than the Dualshock 4 too.

Find here the Razer Raiju controller

Qumos: the Gamecube-style gamepad

Qumos Gamepad - DR

As for third-party controllers, the Qumos brand offers a pack of two controllers whose look is directly inspired by Nintendo's Gamecube.

This gives it a retro feel that will be appreciated by nostalgic players.

However, these two controllers, which are offered at a low price, can also be plugged into the Wii.

The devices also choose the wired format.

This removes any concern about autonomy.

The pros and cons of Qumos game controllers:

Most :

  • The advantages of wired;

  • Almost retro look;

  • Wii compatible;

  • Little price.

The lessers :

  • Not compatible with more recent consoles.

Find here the Qumos controller

Thrustmaster eSwap Pro: the customizable gamepad

Thrustmaster eSwap Pro Gamepad - DR

Thrustmaster for its part offers an innovative functionality for a gamepad. Its device includes a multitude of blocks, including two joysticks and a directional cross.

These blocks can be arranged by the player as he wishes.

It is thus possible to create your own controller to customize it according to the game of the moment.

In addition, this officially licensed PlayStation eSwap Pro is PS4 and PC compatible.

On a computer, it comes with multifunction software.

The pros and cons of the Thrustmaster eSwap Pro gamepad:

Most :

  • The three modular blocks;

  • Officially licensed from PlayStation;

  • PS4 and PC compatible;

  • Supplied with free software.

The lessers :

  • High price.

Find here the Thrustmaster controller

The best gamepads are first and foremost well designed.

They benefit from ergonomics adapted to the game and the console, and they display a good lifespan.

It's also useful to think about the pros and cons of wireless, although more and more devices offer both technologies.

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