The youth of the left want to cut the property of the richest Finns.

Themed No More Multimillionaires!

The youth of the left demand that the value of no Finnish property should exceed EUR 5 million.

In practice, the requirement would be implemented by introducing a brisk wealth tax.

In addition, the tax base should be condensed to be fair and the annual tax statistics should be kept transparent.

“Economic inequality gnaws at the foundations of democracy, erodes faith in justice and undermines the functioning of society as a whole.

It is time for the super-rich to stop living on the wing of society and start participating in the reconstruction of society.

Extreme wealth must be addressed, ”the Young Left say in a statement.

"Tightening taxation where possible is a fair way to increase equality," said Jenni Suutari, chairman of the Left Young People's Economic and Climate Policy Working Group, in a statement.

According to Suutari, the date of publication of tax information should not be spoken of as the “day of envy”.

because demanding justice is not envy.

"Wealth disparities are growing rapidly in Finland and the richest tenth owns almost half of all Finns' assets," says Suutari.

She is accompanied by Minna Majaniemi, a member of the Federal Government of the Left Youth, taking a stand on diligence and the euro.

“The money the rich try to hide for their own use should be harnessed for the good of us all.

No one is so hardworking that his work is worth millions of euros, "Majaniemi says.

Lebanese Sheikh, the chairman of the Left Youth, compares the rich and the poor.

"There are people in Finland whose assets would be enough to cover the costs of youth activities in the entire state, and at the same time people who have virtually nothing ... A fair economic system serves the majority of people and seeks to equalize inequality. says.

Young leftists see a strong wealth tax and a € 5 million ownership ceiling as a good starting point for a “needs-based economy”.

The release mentions the environmental crisis and the care crisis and seeks to combat them with tax money.

The claim was first reported by Online News.

The Left Left is not a member organization of the Left Alliance, but says it is an independent political actor.