It is in this rue de Compiègne that the site of the future cultural center is installed -

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A macabre discovery.


Le Parisien


, two bloodied boar heads were found by workers Monday morning in Compiègne on the site of the future Franco-Turkish cultural center.

Asked by the daily, Yusuf Ticzu, president of the Franco-Turkish association Ulu Camii, present for 35 years in the city is stunned.

“We do not get involved in politics, we advocate living together.

We do not understand this gesture towards us ”.

In a tense international context between France and Turkey, this gesture does not seem trivial.

The association lodged a complaint and an investigation was opened.

On the side of the town hall of Compiègne, we prefer to remain cautious.

The site was empty this weekend

“It is a heinous act that we condemn.

It can be an act directed against the Turkish community but also more broadly against the Muslim community.

It is a sensitive subject.

We must not neglect the track of the barbaric acts of these animals in recent weeks, ”replied the


Eric de Valroger, security assistant.

Closed to the public, the site was empty of workers this weekend.

Investigators believe that the boar's heads were undoubtedly deposited at that time.

While waiting to learn more about the operation of municipal surveillance cameras.


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