Numerous presenter stars are shown on TV screens every week, which entertains Finns in various programs.

Top presenters also often have top incomes, as confirmed by new tax data.

Namely, several host stars earned more than 200,000 euros in 2019.

The stars Mikko Leppilampi, Heikki Paasonen and Jaakko Saariluoma, who are familiar to the whole nation, were at the top of the TV presenters' income.

Mikko Leppilampi. Photo: Pete Aarre-Ahtio / IS

Mikko Leppilampi, known as the presenter of the favorite program Dancing with the Stars, has been one of Finland's most deserving television faces year after year.

Leppilampi also had a huge income in 2019. He offset earned income of 261,702 euros and capital income for the favorite presenter amounted to 4,497 euros.

In total, Leppilampi earned 266,199 euros.

Leppilampi received 14,233 euros in refunds.

Thus, Leppilammi, which hosts monthly income in several different programs, again accumulated just over 22,000 euros a month.

Heikki Paasonen. Photo: Emmi Korhonen / Lehtikuva

Heikki Paasonen, who hosts numerous programs, was only slightly behind Leppilampi.

Paasonen, who piloted The Wall Finland and Voice of Finland, grabbed 256,077 euros in earned income and 9,520 euros in capital income, for a total of a whopping 265,597 euros.

Jaakko Saariluoma. Photo: Aleksi Jalava / IS

One of the best-earned TV presenters was Jaakko Saariluoma, known from Posse and the Grandmaster.

A whopping 240,301 euros in earned income and 136 euros in capital income dropped into his account bag.

Stacks accumulated to be paid 6,932 euros.

May Day Pimiä.Photo: Lassi Rinne

Similarly, the host star Vappu Pimi, who is familiar from the program Dancing with the Stars, was also grabbed by nice earnings, although the income was clearly behind his RTD colleague Mikko Leppilampi.

Pimiä earned EUR 90,389 in earned income and EUR 20,688 in capital income, for a total of EUR 111,077.

Refunds would be 4,105 euros.

Maria Veitola.Photo: Seppo Kärki / IS

The presenter and TV personality Maria Veitola grabbed a plush income last year.

Earned income in Yökylä for the star of the Maria Veitola program was 95,256 euros, and capital income 125,513 euros.

In total, Veitola earned 220,769 euros, but he also had to pay 36,583 euros.

Marja Hintikka. Photo: Seppo Solmela / IS

Marja Hintikka, who dates Vappu and Marja Live from Pimä, had a huge income last year, passing Pimä.

EUR 196,327 in earned income and EUR 10 in tax refunds fell into Hintika's salary bag.

There was a tremendous increase in Hintikka's income, as in 2018 Hintikka earned EUR 29,419 in earned income and EUR 5,040 in capital income.

Ile Uusivuori.Photo: LASSI SLOPE

Hintika's spouse, also TV presenter Ilkka “Ile” Uusivuori, also earned a comfortable 114,894 euros in 2019. Uusivuori, who hosts the Masked Singer and the Seat Heaters program, had to pay 18,442 euros for the mats.

Janne Kataja. Photo: Terhi Ylimäinen

Janne Kataja, who pilotes the Polar Ten and Kuutamo programs, does not pale in comparison to others in terms of income.

The man received EUR 154,576 in earned income and EUR 39,780 in capital income in 2019. Kataja thus earned a total of EUR 194,356.

Stacks accumulated to be paid 15,603 euros.

Alma Hätönen. Photo: Aleksi Jalava / IS

More modest income was found in Alma Hätönen, who dates Big Brother.

He was somewhat overshadowed by his colleagues in terms of income, as Hätönen's earned income was EUR 55,846 and his capital income was zero euros.

Hätönen received refunds of EUR 1,941.

Susanna Laine.Photo: Ivan Bessedin

Familiar story show and Susanna Laine, the presenter of the show and Half Seven, earned quite a plush income with her presenter's laundries.

He grabbed € 129,414 in earned income and € 14,191 in capital income, for a total of a comfortable € 143,605.

Jenni Pääskysaari. Photo: Pete Aarre-Ahtio / IS

Jenni Pääskysaari, the presenter of the series Must Worry, also grew 146,365 euros in earned income last year.

The stacks came for 902 euros.

Swallow Island has been one of the hardest-earning TV presenters for years.

He has repeatedly earned well over 100,000 euros.

Financially, 2016 was the most deserving year for Pääskysaari, as he earned 225,703 euros at that time.

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