Last year, children’s writers once again made plush account bags.

Mauri Kunnas, known for his Koiramäki books, earned a total of about 350,000 euros last year.

Aino-Maria Havukainen earned a total of about 216,000 euros and her husband Sami Toivonen about 215,400 euros from a children's author duo known from the Tatu and Patu books.

Among the Nopola siblings created by Risto Räppääjä, among others, Sinikka Nopola's total income was approximately EUR 96,250 and Tiina Nopola's approximately EUR 86,600.

The 2018 Finlandia Prize for Literature for the Taivaanpallo novel raised Olli Jalonen's income briskly.

Last year, he earned about 154,130 euros, of which earned income was about 151,000 euros.

In the award year, his income was a little over 60,500 euros.

Last year's Finlandia award is not yet reflected in Pajtim Statovc's income: he earned a total of just over 38,000 euros.

He had no capital income.

The Finlandia award was handed out only towards the end of the year.

Detectives continued to generate decent income

The detective stories also earned briskly last year.

Leena Lehtolainen, who became known for her Maria Kallio books, had a total income of about 188,000 euros and Vares author Reijo Mäki about 142,000 euros.

Author Kjell Westö's income last year totaled about 130,000 euros.

Writer and cultural historian Kaari Utrio earned a total of just under 100,000 euros, and the income of author Sofi Oksanen, who published a new novel last year, totaled just under 81,000 euros, more than half of which was capital income.

Kirsti Manninen, who writes under the author name Enni Mustonen, was one of the best earned writers with an income of about 128,250 euros, most of which was earned income.

The income of the author Anna-Leena Härkönen totaled approximately EUR 106,440, of which earned income was approximately EUR 98,800.

Writer legend Laila Hirvisaari earned a total of just under 50,000 euros.

Writers also earn other jobs

Many writers are also familiar with television entertainment programs.

Writer and TV face Miika Nousiainen earned about 128,000 euros as earned income alone.

Jari Tervo's income was approximately EUR 104,000, of which capital income was almost EUR 13,000.

Tuomas Kyrö, who became popular with the books Mindsmen, earned about 119,000 euros, of which capital income was about 18,500 euros and Kari Hotakainen about 62,000 euros, of which earned income was just under 51,000 euros.

Author Tommi Kinnunen also works as a teacher.

His earned income was about 137,000 euros.

Writer and theater director Juha Hurme earned about 131,200 euros.

Neither had capital income.

Writer and actor Antti Holma earned a total of about 83,000 euros.

The poet and Jenni Haukio, program director of the Turku Book Fair, had a total income of 65,000 euros.

The tax information now published only shows earnings and capital income in the usual way.

Many writers may also have a business, so tax information doesn’t tell the whole truth.

Who in Finland earned more than 100,000 euros in 2019?

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