In Pirkanmaa, one person died in a violent beak crash on Highway 9 on Monday night.

In addition, three people were seriously injured in the accident, all of whom were transported to Tampere University Hospital.

Two cars were involved in the crash.

The collision took place on a straight section of road, when a car coming from the other direction drifted into the lane of the oncoming people, the criminal commissioner Pasi Nieminen from the Inland Finland Police tells STT.

There was only a driver in the car in the wrong lane who was seriously injured.

He is suspected of a serious threat to road safety and the death penalty.

There were three people in the car that met.

The driver of the car died and two passengers were seriously injured.

With regard to the three-person party, substance abuse is suspected.

At the moment, however, there is no evidence that the use of drugs had an effect on the accident, Nieminen says.

The accident took place on the border of Orivesi and Kangasala.

Everyone involved in the crash is from Pirkanmaa.

The alarm of the accident came on Monday after ten o'clock.

At the time of the incident, according to police, it was dark and rainy.

The road was closed for a few hours due to an accident.

Police have been partially interviewed by those involved and eyewitnesses present.

The cars crashed as a result of the crash.

No information is yet available on driving speeds.