Heptathlete Maria Huntington, 23, and sprinter Lotta Harala, 28, decided to take action to brighten up the gray and miserable November.

Athletics stars active on social media both shared a shared image and text in their respective Instagram accounts about their plan for the rest of the year.

“We were thinking for a long time with Lota about how to get you nice content produced and cheered up on a gray and miserable November,” Huntington wrote.

- We ended up with nothing else but to put a little skaba up!

Every week new skabas are invented, challenging each other and competing with each other in the most silly sports possible!

- So it was decided to challenge each other for the rest of the year to the most diverse and silly challenges possible!

Let’s describe everything here, that is, cheer up both you and us.

Need your help.

Throw in the comments challenging ideas of what could be done, read Harala's publication.

According to Huntington, the duo have already chosen a few species in which they will measure each other.

"But you also need ideas, so let's throw in your wildest ideas," he wrote.

Harala promises that all ideas are welcome.

- Whatever comes to mind, write it a silly idea!

From there, select the highest-flying ones to perform.

For friends who often practice together in Tampere and represent the Tampereen Pyrintö, a long glide of tips had rained down at a fast pace.

Many of the ideas are related to sports.

The women were offered, among other things, a football penalty shootout, a cross-country skiing competition, badminton and a swimming competition.

Running the Cooper test, on the other hand, quickly received a negative response from Harala, accompanied by laughter emoticons: “no thanks”.

Of course, the ideas of some followers were thrown beyond traditional sports as well: solving grids, a wooden foot joke competition, a stick horse race, an eating competition, or baking your eyes closed, for example.

Already last week, Harala delighted his Instagram followers by affectionately writing about his friendship with Huntington.

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Harala said he only became acquainted with Huntington, who was five years younger, at the age of 27.

A year ago, he moved on to train under the guidance of Huntington's long-term coach, Matti Liimataainen.

- Here is my best friend Maria, Harala wrote, describing that the training friendship between the duo deepened quickly.

Harala returned to the Finnish fast fence peak last summer, running a new record time of 13.07.

Huntington has won seven-match SM gold in the previous three seasons.

He also competed in the Adult World Championships in Doha in the fall of 2019.