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"Oasis will be back when Noel runs out of money

, because he's obsessed with pasta."

Just a year ago, Liam Gallagher explained in EL MUNDO the reasons why the long-awaited meeting of the group of the worst-alike brothers in British music did not come.

It was not so much, he said, a matter of the bitter personal confrontation between the two, which culminated in 2009 with a definitive broncon and the dissolution of Oasis.

Since then,

Noel and Liam

They do not speak to each other, but that does not mean that they do not constantly push each other through statements in interviews or through social networks.

According to the youngest of the Gallaghers, who at the beginning of this year announced on his Twitter account that there were substantial proposals on the table, the key to everything would be: "They have offered us a hundred million pounds for a tour, but that's still not enough for the greedy that one. "

So Oasis fans, who have been celebrating

25 years since

the release of the album that turned the Gallaghers into millionaire superstars -

'(What's the story) Morning Glory?'

, the second of his discography-, they will have to wait for both of them to found their fortune to start dreaming of a musical reunion.

And they have a lot to melt, especially Noel.

Liam has an estimated fortune of about 6.4 million euros

, after the important contribution he had to make to his ex-wife - the Canadian

Nicole Appleton, a member of the All Saints group

- when he divorced her.

The marriage ended after Liam had an 'affair' with a journalist from 'The New York Times', who in 2013 gave birth to a girl, fourth and last child for the time of the singer.

During the trial for the dismissal, the court established that Gallagher's estate was about 13 million euros, to which had to be added their house in Hamstead Heath, acquired for three million euros.

His various real estate acquisitions include an apartment in New York for 2.1 million euros, a mansion in the London borough of Highgate for 2.2 million euros and a recent property in North London for 4.4 million euros. .

Additionally, Liam was previously married to actress and singer

Patsy Kensit

, from whom he divorced in 2000.

For his part,

Noel manages a farm of about 59 million euros

, a figure that should be similar to Liam's fortune if he had not allocated a significant amount to the party and dissolute life.

In addition to this amount, Liam's older brother, together with his second wife, Sara MacDonald, acquired a house in the exclusive Maida Vale neighborhood (Paddington) for 8.8 million euros.

He also had a villa in Ibiza valued at 4.5 million euros, which he sold, he said, for not putting up with his compatriot James Blunt.

On the other hand, and in a bid for diversification in investments, he has started an art collection whose value is around one million euros.

"I don't know anyone who is as rich as I am," he

said in an interview with the NBC television network in 2017. "Other than my wife, of course."

The origin of these dizzying figures is in the tremendous commercial success that Oasis reaped from the publication of '(What's the story) Morning Glory?', Which accumulates sales of around

22 million copies

and is the third album best seller of all time in the UK.

And not only that: at the time it broke the record for the best-selling album in its first week (350,000 copies) and

its double presentation concert in the Knebworth Gardens brought together 250,000 people

for two consecutive nights.

As recounted in the documentary about the Gallagher rivalry, 'Supersonic' (2016), about two and a half million people applied to buy a ticket;

This is 5% of the UK population at the time.

Although Oasis never achieved such success again, their albums and tours continued to function as their fan base grew larger and larger.

They would publish another five albums, which all reached number 1

on the British charts and which also made good numbers in the United States.

In them, Noel was abandoning his initial role as the only composer of the group's songs to make room for his brother's songs.

However, there is the paradox that an important part of the copyright that Noel has entered in recent times comes through Liam.

He performs a good number of classic Oasis songs in his massive concerts (in fact, more than half of his repertoire live), such as 'Rock' n 'roll star', 'Champagne Supernova' or 'Wonderwall', all composed them for Noel.


in a way, by making his brother even richer, he's helping to abort the return of Oasis.

According to the criteria of The Trust Project

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