The high court of Créteil (Val-de-Marne).

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Vincent Wartner / 20 Minutes

Suddenly, Gianni Drissi dropped the mask.

A few minutes after being sentenced by the Assize Court of Val-de-Marne to 25 years in prison for having kicked his 21-year-old girlfriend, Aissatou Sow, the 24-year-old man cursed the family of the victim and her friends, present during the three days of the trial.

"Take a good look at me, don't worry," he said threateningly to the victim's brother.

"Of course I will appeal," he repeated three times, departing from the calm he observed during the hearing.

"I had a vision of things, of my wife (...) which was bad," he had said earlier in the day, claiming to regret his gesture during the day and evoking his "shame" of the man that it was.

The facts date back to September 2016. Aissatou Sow then spends the evening with friends in a bar, which triggers a crisis of jealousy in Gianni Drissi, which he is accustomed to, according to the prosecution.

He then sends her a 40-second video on which, visibly drunk, he loads a revolver and threatens the young woman: "In the name of Allah, you wanted to go clubbing with guys, I know everything. , I'm going to kill you ".

Repeated violence

Accompanied during the night by a friend, Aissatou is caught on the third floor of her building in Valenton (Val-de-Marne) by Gianni Drissi.

He slaps her "very, very violent" in his words, destabilizing the young woman who falls, bumping her head on the elevator.

While she is on the ground, he kicks her several times in the head, with "the intention to kill", said the general counsel on Monday, recalling that the accused practiced kickboxing and "that he knew what he was doing ”.

Taken in serious condition to hospital, Aissatou Sow died from her injuries a month and a half later.

The young woman had never lodged a complaint against her boyfriend with whom she had been for six years, despite the recurring violence reported by those around her, but two handrails had been filed in 2014. “The crime is already terrible but we want it make it even more terrible ", denounced during his plea his counsel Me Albane Sciaraffa, accusing the lawyers of the civil parties of" delivering the worst possible version "of the story.

The Assize Court of Val-de-Marne did not accept premeditation.

The sentence is in accordance with the requisitions of the prosecution.


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