Anne Hidalgo October 29, 2020 -


At the forefront in the defense of local shops and more specifically booksellers since the start of confinement, the mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo launches a charge against Amazon.

“I really say this to Parisians: don't buy on Amazon.

Amazon is the death of our bookstores and our neighborhood life, ”the mayor told reporters.

Anne Hidalgo came to support, with the writer Sylvain Tesson, an initiative of booksellers called "Rekindle the fires of our bookstores" to call for the reopening of this business which must remain closed due to restrictions on the sale of "non-essential" goods. .

"Paris is a city where books obviously have their place"

"Paris is a city where the book has of course its place as an essential good", retorted the mayor.

"Buy from your bookstore: you can order and pick up your book".

“Parisians […] really consider their bookstore as a local, essential store.

I'm here to support this idea, of course calling for bookstores to reopen as quickly as possible, ”she added.

Sylvain Tesson, author of

In the Siberian Forests


La Panthère des neiges

, also said he hoped for this soon reopening.

"I do not want to believe that a man who was the pupil of Paul Ricoeur will let this situation continue," he said to President Emmanuel Macron, who was the philosopher's assistant.

"The bookseller is the intermediary between the artist and the reader", according to him.

“Politicians praised the idea that France was a nation with a literary exception, and that it was sort of the eldest daughter of reading and bookstores.

Suddenly we realize that it was all just wind ”.


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