Just under half of the cars first registered this year have been petrol cars and about 14 per cent are diesel.

With the popularity of diesel still declining, the share of rechargeable cars has risen to 17 percent.

However, the share of rechargeable cars leveled off slightly in October compared to previous months.

Hybrid cars, which are not downloaded from the external network, account for about 19 percent.

Gas cars have accounted for about two percent of first registrations this year.

About 62 per cent of newly registered cars have been acquired by households.

The rest is acquired by companies.

Rechargeable hybrids and diesel cars are most commonly procured as company cars.

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Automatic transmissions are becoming more common in first registrations.

This year, only about one-fifth of passenger cars registered for the first time have a manual transmission.

The share of automatic transmissions has grown steadily in recent years.

As late as 2015, almost half of the new cars were sold in manual transmission.

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About a fifth of the new cars first registered this year have been four-wheel drive.

The share of four-wheel drive cars increased slightly over the past decade.

Growth has stalled at about one-fifth in 2018.