In his F1 career, Mika Salo ran a total of 111 races between 1994 and 2002.

During that time, Salo managed to get into a variety of riding clothes and helmets.

Now a large portion of these verms are on auction at Helander’s website.

- I emptied a few stocks, there were a lot of doubles and everything else.

I am on every side always something to spare, and those were such ones and double extra items that I had two sets of tracks, Ilta-Sanomat reached by Salo, 53, explains autourheilumemorabiliaa put on sale.

- Some of them have been in my Finnish house, and some have been in some restaurants.

They’ve been with friends on loan and elsewhere, and once part has returned to me, that’s just out of space.

In addition to the prize trophies won in various series, there are numerous helmets and riding suits used in formula 1 and other top motorsport series, as well as other equipment.

According to Salo, the most financially valuable single item is the steering wheel of an F1 car used by a Finn in his last F1 race in 2002.

At the time of writing, 460 euros had been offered for the steering wheel.

Such an offer from the salon makes you laugh.

- Yeah, it doesn't work.

It is one of the most expensive individual parts of a formula car.

The ex-driver, who rose to the podium twice in F1, estimated the steering wheel to be the fair value of tens of thousands of euros.

Of particular importance to the subject is the fact that it grabbed the last race of its career.

Driving a Toyota, Salo drove to the checkered flag in Suzuka in eighth place.

- Of course there are memories of it, that steering wheel was left in my hand from that race car then.

It's a real, used steering wheel from that race, Salo says.

Mika Salo drove his last F1 race in Suzuka in October 2002.Photo: Sutton Motorsports / ZUMA Press

Although a lot of stuff is now being transferred to the new owners, Salo’s memorial warehouses are still not running out - on the contrary.

- There are still too many of them, I would need some big hall if they all wanted to save them somewhere.

However, Salo intends to keep the most important things to himself.

The auction does not cause any special feelings for the long-distance motorsport man, but the memories of the goods were made to flow.

- those such things I have kept myself, but there is quite a lot of memories when I was going through.

There is something to be found there throughout the time spent in F1.

I still don’t cling to them in any way, they are memories, and I have a different memory of each one.

During his colorful F1 career, Mika Salo drove in the stables of Lotus, Tyrrell, Arrows, BAR, Ferrari, Sauber and Toyota.

The best finish came second at Ferrari in Hockenheim in 1999. He would have won the race, but still let his teammate Eddie Irvinen go by order of Ferrari's management.