Nearly 12 million schoolchildren, middle school and high school students return to school on Monday.

In necessarily special conditions, between reinforced health protocol to fight against the coronavirus, and tribute to Samuel Paty, the professor assassinated before the All Saints holidays.

And concerns remain.

Level 2 health protocol (out of 3) activated in all schools, Vigipirate plan at the level "emergency attack" and morning of tribute after the assassination of Professor Samuel Paty by an Islamist terrorist.

It is in unique conditions that some 12 million French students make their return to school on Monday morning.

With the ensuing worries.

One meter away at the table?

"Technically, it's almost impossible"

First, the fight against the coronavirus.

The biggest health challenge is the canteen and its hundreds of students without masks, with one major difficulty: respecting the distance meter at the table.

"Technically, it is almost impossible in many establishments", assures Didier Georges, member of SNPDEN (National Union of Staff of National Education Directorate) and principal of college of the Grande aux belles in Paris.

"It must be said, we have to be realistic on this question. The number of tables, the number of chairs, the size of the half-board do not allow it."


- Coronavirus: follow the evolution of the situation Monday, November 2 

So this principal decided to appeal to the parents.

"I launched an alert yesterday to all the families of the college that I manage, to ask them, on a voluntary basis, to unsubscribe, at least temporarily, for the next four weeks, their child of the half-year. pensions ", explains Didier Georges. 

The concern of families over the time to pay tribute to Samuel Paty

In primary school, teachers will have to supervise the wearing of masks with 6-year-old children.

They are also asked to check bags and identities at the entrance to the school.

But what unsettles him the most is the families' concerns about the time to pay homage to Professor Samuel Paty.

"These families are asking us", explains Olivier Flipo, SE-Unsa director of a school in Cergy.

"We are asked to express ourselves on what we are going to say to the children, because for some, the children have been kept away from all these events. And he wants to know what we are going to say to them. " 

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And this school principal admits it bluntly: "I am unable to answer these questions"