The two contenders for the US presidency, President Donald Trump and Democrat Joe Biden, focus their efforts on the last day of their election campaigns, and Trump demanded that the election results be revealed on the same polling day, amid growing fears of an outbreak of violence.

The US President called on Trump to announce the election results on Tuesday night after the polls closed, and assured an election rally in Michigan that he would stay an additional 4 years in the "privileged place called the White House."

And Axios had quoted informed sources as saying that Trump informed those close to him of his intention to announce his early victory on Tuesday night if there were indications of his progress over his Democratic rival.

As for Biden, during his meeting with his supporters in Philadelphia, he denounced the pursuit of Trump supporters on one of his election campaign buses in Texas, after a video clip showed a group of cars carrying pro-Trump flags intercepting a Biden bus carrying Texas congressman Wendy Davis.

Davis was forced to halt her trip and cancel a press conference and two planned election events, citing "safety concerns".

"We haven't seen anything like this before," Biden said. "At least we didn't have a president who thought this was a good thing."

He added that Donald Trump JR, ​​the president’s son, urged his father’s supporters to "continue the matter" and find the whereabouts of Biden and Vice Presidential Candidate Kamala Harris and treat her in the same way, and Biden continued, "My dear friends, we are not like this. We are much better than that."

Late Saturday, Trump posted the video on Twitter, writing, "I love Texas," and also told supporters in Michigan that Texas protesters had tried to "protect" the democratic bus.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) confirmed that it was investigating the incident.

There were no reports of injuries, and it was not known if any of the participants in the events were armed.

Fears of violence

In a related context, former US intelligence director John Brennan said that he fears that some people will carry out acts of violence on or after the polls, adding that he hopes that Trump will ask his supporters not to participate in the violence.

Brennan accused President Trump of continuing to instill fear among voters by saying the elections would be rigged, and that he was spreading lies and dividing American society.


On the other hand, the leader of the Republican minority in the House of Representatives Kevin McCarthy said that his party will win the majority in the House of Representatives and maintain its majority in the Senate and its presence in the White House.

He added in an interview with "Fox News" that Republicans are accepting to vote intensively, whether in early voting or balloting next Tuesday.

Trump administration

Politico quoted sources in the White House that Trump intends to adjust the composition of his administration if he is reelected for a second term, starting with the Ministry of Health run by Alex Azar, where Trump considers that he has not been effective in the process of canceling the health coverage program known as "Obama Care." Or, in the fight against Corona.

The sources also indicate Trump's intention - if he wins - to replace Defense Secretary Mark Esper, who did not support the use of force to confront the demonstrators in front of the White House during the protests.

The changes may also affect FBI Director Chris Ray and Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Director Gina Haspel, due to the failure to investigate the Barack Obama administration in the case of spying on Trump's campaign in the last election.

A US official said that Trump will hold a party on Tuesday night at the White House, with about 400 people attending after being tested for the Corona virus.

The ceremony was scheduled for the Trump International Hotel, a few blocks from the White House, but the New York Times reported on Friday that the president had canceled the plan and preferred to follow up on the results from the White House.