Socks, those casual garments that often hide under legs and shoes.

However, even socks can bring just the right touch of color, print or even sparkle to an outfit.

Solid color socks are a sure and restrained choice, of course - unless you try neon shades - but a more playful dresser will also boldly try prints.

Whether it's an abstract graphic print or a classic animal or floral pattern, socks are just the right small and colorful piece of clothing for a wardrobe with a classic style.

Socks can be split from the ankles between the legs of the shoes and the pants, or even under the maxi skirt.

Motley socks are always suitable, for example, for their simple size look to bring a bit of personality.

Tip: if you are afraid to combine colorful socks with a colored outfit, choose socks that have at least one same shade as the rest of your outfit.

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