• Coronavirus: 31,758 new cases with 215,886 swabs in the last 24 hours

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01 November 2020

Updated data in Italy and in the world

208 deaths in the last 24 hours, 29,907 new cases with 183,457 swabs. Yesterday there were 31,758 cases with 215,886 swabs and 297 deaths.

Today the hospitalized with symptoms in Italy are a total of 18,902, compared to yesterday plus 936 cases. In intensive care they are 1,939 (+96). 357,288 people in home isolation, equal to 25,711 more than yesterday.

The total of currently positive is 378,129 compared to yesterday. There are 292,380 people discharged and recovered, an increase of 2,954 units.

The deaths are 208 in the last 24 hours for a national total of 38,826. The total cases are 709,335 (+29,907). The swabs in the last 24 hours were 183,457 for a total of 15,967,918.

The increase in positive cases in the regions also today sees


in front of all with 8,607 new cases, then


with an increase of 3,860 cases, in


+2.379, in


+2.351 cases, +2.300 in


In Emilia Romagna 1,758 new cases and 16 deaths

The new Covid positives in Emilia-Romagna are down compared to yesterday, but the number of tampons also decreases. Compared to yesterday, the cases are 1,758 more, discovered with 12,039 swabs: the percentage of positives on swabs is 14.6%. Of the newly infected, 902 are asymptomatic, and the average age of the new positives today is 43.4 years. The active cases are 24,917 (+1,706), of which 23,518 (+1,655) in isolation at home, 94%. There are 16 new deaths, between 68 and 96 years, while patients admitted to intensive care are 132 (+7) and those in the other Covid wards 1,267 (+44). The total number of people healed rose to 28,033 (+36).

In South Tyrol 534 new cases and 3 deaths

In South Tyrol in the last 24 hours there were 534 new cases of Covid-19 out of 2,831 swabs examined in the laboratories of the health company. In the province of Bolzano, the people tested positive for coronavirus are a total of 8,916 out of 121,821 subjects tested. The pressure on hospitals with 290 hospitalized Covid patients is strong. 203 patients are found in normal hospital wards, 70 in private facilities and 17 (one less than yesterday) those who need intensive care. Deaths rose to 315, three more than yesterday. There are 8,001 people in home isolation. Strong increase in cases among health care workers: the current positives are 137.

Valle d'Aosta, 6 deaths and 107 infections

Six deaths and 107 new infections in Valle D'Aosta following the Covid-19 epidemic. The current positive cases are today 1,920 of which 161 hospitalized, 12 in intensive care, 5 more than yesterday, and 1,747 in home isolation. The total positive cases are 3,375, the swabs carried out 41,665. This was announced by the health update bulletin released by the Region.