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November 3rd US presidential election. There are two days left.

Two candidates, Trump Biden and Biden Trump, are pouring last-minute time and money into key regions that will win or lose.

At the same time, the conflict is also growing, so let’s first look at the report of correspondent Kim Jong-won and connect it to analyze more.

<Reporter> As of

yesterday (31st), 90 million people, or 43% of all voters, have already completed pre-voting.

In particular, the number of votes by mail increased significantly due to the corona crisis.

President Trump, who has consistently raised the possibility of manipulating mail-by-mail voting, insisted that chaos will come in the Pennsylvania campaign today.

[Trump/US President: We'll have to wait (until the results come out).

November 3rd (President Election Day) will come and go again, but we will not know the result.

Chaos will come in our country.]

Candidate Biden and former President Obama visited Michigan, a super contestant.

[Biden/Democratic presidential candidate: Trump has been doing that right from the start of the campaign.]

[Obama/Former US President: Trump argued this week that the media and people are too focused on Corona.

Corona, corona, corona, complaining.

I am jealous of the coronavirus appearing in the media too much.] In an

overheated atmosphere, there was no end to violence.

In Texas today, Trump supporters have been chasing and threatening driving around Biden's campaign bus.

Biden Camp personnel even hit a car on the highway.

[Oh my God!]

After the presidential election, there are growing concerns that a civil war-level violence could occur.



Now, correspondent Kim Jong-won, the pre-voting rate is very high.

What is the analysis that this phenomenon is advantageous for now?


Yes, the pre-voting rate for this presidential election is very high, so that at the time of the three days of the presidential election, 66% of the total voters at the time of the presidential election four years ago have already finished voting.

As usual, this is a good sign for Biden.

In particular, this time due to Corona 19, votes by mail increased significantly, and it is a general expectation that Biden supporters would have participated more in mail voting than Trump supporters.

However, as the pre-voting fever gets hotter, this is not necessarily in favor of Biden. This analysis is also emerging.

The pre-voting of the U.S. presidential election is not the only method of mail voting, but there is also an on-site voting method.

There are also predictions that Trump supporters, who prefer to vote on the spot, may feel a sense of crisis from the high pre-voting rate and may crowd out on election day.


issue of


is that pre-voting is not counted as soon as we do, but it may take several weeks more, so why don't you worry that winning or losing on election day may not be judged?

As we saw a little while ago, they said they won each other, and there can be conflicts, confrontations, and so on.


Yes, no matter who wins, there will be a massive violence. This concern is quite prevalent right now.

Instead of stopping the biden campaign by the Trump supporters today, President Trump is encouraging him by posting a post like'I love Texas' on Twitter.

As a result, Contender Pennsylvania formed a task force team to prevent voting obstruction on Election Day. Portland, Oregon, reviewed curfew, while in LA, police were blinded by windows in case the downtown mall was looted. Install it, such as asking for this, the tension is increasing.

(Video coverage: Lee Sang-wook, video editing: Jo Moo-hwan, Kim Jong-woo)