With a Quranic verse and his image in Ihram clothes in front of the Holy Kaaba, the German star Mesut Ozil commented on the attack in the French city of Nice, which took place last Thursday, in which 3 people were killed.

The player of the Arsenal team - through his official account on Twitter on Friday evening - tweeted his picture while performing the rituals of Umrah standing in front of the Holy Kaaba, and the picture was written "God said in the Holy Quran", followed by a part of a Quranic verse in Surat Al-Maeda "Whoever kills a soul without A soul or corruption on earth, as if he killed all people and whoever revived it, it is as if he revived all people.

Terrorism has no place in Islam ❌❌❌ pic.twitter.com/Vclh5VVSwl

- Mesut Özil (@ MesutOzil1088) October 30, 2020

Ozil clarified the innocence of the Islamic religion from any terrorist act by commenting on the picture in which he said that "terrorism has no place in Islam."

Ozil was known for his enduring support for Islamic causes through his bold tweets on Twitter.