In this Republican stronghold, Democratic activists hope to make a historic breakthrough, for the benefit of a strong demographic change.

But in the more rural areas of this southern state, Donald Trump's supporters are still numerous and fear that Joe Biden's policies will sacrifice their jobs.


Until Tuesday, November 3, American election day, Europe 1 takes you to the United States with a daily report.

This Saturday, go to Florida, where Democrats dream of a historic breakthrough.

We are only a few days away from the US presidential election, which is due to be held on November 3.

In Texas, a Republican stronghold, Democrats dream of seeing an end to 44 years of Republican rule in this southern state.

But the latest polls give Donald Trump and Joe Biden neck and neck.

Yesterday our special envoy followed Kamala Harris.

Candidate Joe Biden's running mate and Texas Democrats believe it.


US Presidential: in Florida, the senior vote for Trump is far from certain

At a rally in Fort Worth, Kamala Harris urged activists to campaign to the end.

An activist wants to believe it: "Texas can fall. We would like it so much for him to rock Democrat. I'm 48 years old, it has been a Republican all my life. I hope so much! It would be huge. If it happens, I jump of joy, ”she exclaims.

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So how did this quintessential republican state come to an electoral neck-and-neck?

"The population is changing, explains this voter. This state has a million inhabitants over twenty years, minorities now weigh half of the total. They set up as priorities the fight against discrimination or global warming."

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Republicans convinced

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But Donald Trump is far from having lost in more rural Texas.

He remains very supportive, Coby testified, on his ranch.

“See the 4x4 in front of the barn? There it's a big diesel, and it pulls a huge horse trailer. Biden wants to do away with the oil, but I can't do that with an electric vehicle anymore. So OK, great, we will have a beautiful planet but more jobs. Who wins? "

Ben and his wife have already voted in advance "for Texas to remain Texas".