Thanks in particular to video surveillance images, the police managed to arrest three men (illustration).


Elisa Frisullo / 20 Minutes

Threats that could cost them dearly.

Three men were arrested and placed in police custody in the investigation into the tags threatening the mayor of the 8th arrondissement of Lyon, said the public prosecutor, Nicolas Jacquet in a statement.

They are "two adults and a 16 year old minor posing as followers of the rap group" GT Gang "".

"The two adults were remanded in custody by the judge of freedoms and detention with a view to their immediate appearance […] Monday, November 2," said the press release while "the minor was indicted by the judge of children of permanence and also placed under arrest warrant ”.

"GT Gang, we're going to fuck your M's"

Saturday, October 24 in the morning, tags were discovered on the shutters and the door of the Philibert Delorme school center, in the 8th arrondissement.

“These threatening inscriptions were directed against the mayor of the town [Olivier Berzane], details the press release, but also against teachers and students, in particular in these terms;

"the mayor of the 8th, we are going to behead you child of satan" and "continue we are going to behead the teachers and students and we will behead your mother".

The police officers also found insults "GT Gang we are going to screw you your M's".

A form of signature that should help investigators.


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