Masked Singer Finland, which became a phenomenon in the spring, returned to TV screens in the autumn with new episodes.

Judges and TV viewers have once again been able to guess who the public figures are behind the masks.

This Saturday, Viikinki, Kukka, Geggonen, Taikahattu and Pakkanen took the stage.

As usual from last season, the studio audience present was allowed to vote for their favorite at the end of the performances, after which the character who received the least votes had to reveal himself.

This time, Geggone received the fewest votes.

Behind the mask, priest Kari Kanala was revealed.

- damn, I'm so happy!

Cristoffer Strandberg gleamed as he had bet on Kanala, known from the First Meetings at the Altar program behind Geggose's mask.

- I don't know if it's cooler that you knew or that he was involved!

Maria Veitola fumbled.