In France, a third man has been arrested for questioning in connection with the Nice knife attack, a legal source tells the news agency AFP.

According to the source, the 33-year-old man was present in an apartment investigated by police late Friday.

The apartment belonged to a previously arrested man believed to have been in contact with a suspected attacker.

According to the source, the role of the third arrested man in the events in Nice is currently being clarified.

Three people were killed on Thursday and several were wounded in a knife strike at a church in Nizala early in the morning.

The act is being investigated as a terrorist act.

An attacker with a Tunisian background was wounded during the arrest.

He had only arrived in Europe a month ago and, according to the French Ministry of the Interior, was not on any watch list.

Terrorism prosecutor Jean-Francois Ricard has said the man was carrying a copy of the Koran, two telephones and three knives during the attack.

He was reported to have repeatedly repeated the phrase "Allahu Akbar" during the attack and even when he was transported to the hospital.

The man slit his throat open for a 60-year-old woman and a 55-year-old man who worked in a church.

In addition, he stabbed a woman of Brazilian background.

The woman managed to escape the scene but died of the injuries she suffered later.