Americans will go to the polling stations on Tuesday, November 3, to elect their future president.

While waiting for the results, Europe 1 has concocted a quiz for you to test your knowledge of the American elections.

Who from Joe Biden or Donald Trump will settle for four years in the White House?

The presidential elections scheduled for Tuesday, November 3 will answer this question.

But others are asking about the American poll, so different from ours.

On the occasion of the fifty-ninth election, Europe 1 invites you to test your knowledge with our quiz of fifteen questions on elections across the Atlantic.

  • How many candidates are there in the US presidential elections on November 3, 2020? 

  • How many presidential terms is it possible to serve in the United States today? 

  • In the United States, elections are held on the Tuesday after the first Monday in November.

    Why was this date chosen? 

  • What happens if two candidates are tied? 

  • How can you vote in the United States atypical?

  • What is special about the state of Ohio during elections?

  • To win elections, a candidate must ...

  • Since 1933, the inauguration of the president called "inauguration day" has taken place on a specific day.

    Which ?

  • If Joe Biden is elected US president, he will become ...

  • In the United States, voters vote for a president and his running mate.

    Joe Biden shows up with Kamala Harris and Donald Trump with Mike Pence.

    If elected, the running mate will be vice-president.

    But what will be its role?

  • Ronald Reagan was elected President of the United States twice, in 1980 and 1984. His re-election was a bit unusual.

    Why ?  

  • Why do we hear more about Florida than Alaska during the presidential campaign?

  • According to the latest figures from the Federal Election Commission, Joe Biden spent $ 952 million on his campaign and Donald Trump more than $ 600 million.

    In France, the legal ceilings for the first and second round are 16.8 and 22.5 million euros.

    Why such a difference ?

  • The states of Nebraska and Maine operate in a unique way during elections.

    Which ? 

  • In 1789, George Washington largely won the first presidential elections in which few Americans were able to participate.

    What part of the population had the right to vote at the time?

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