Southwark Cathedral in London has provoked mixed reactions by hosting a blessing for the cat.

The event, described as moving, was held in the cathedral on Wednesday and was also broadcast live via the network for viewing elsewhere.

Called the Doorkins Magnificat, the stray cat began to consider the cathedral as its base 12 years ago.

Gradually, it became a beloved part of the congregation, and later a Twitter account was also set up with more than 6,000 followers.

Southwark Cathedral reported the cat’s death in early October.

- We are deeply saddened to share the news of the death of our dear friend and colleague Doorkins Magnificat on 30 September.

Let him rest in peace, an update posted on the cathedral’s Twitter account was told.

A bulletin published on the cathedral’s website repeated Doorkins ’colorful steps.

According to the writing, the cat that lived on the streets until 2008 gradually learned to trust it to feed the church people who had begun to feed.

It continued its life as an active cat, moving as it pleased both inside and outside the church until the year 2017 came. At that time, a terrorist attack was made on the nearby London Bridge, forcing the cathedral to close its doors.

The cat released for the night had no thing past the police who locked the interior.

- At that time it became closed outside the cathedral for several days.

When it re-entered, it no longer left the heat of the place it considered a home and safe haven, the press release said.

Doorkins had to “retire” as its vision began to decline, and it was no longer able to move safely within the cathedral.

It moved to spend its retirement days with the suntion of the church, and eventually died of a paralysis in his arms.

- His last months were very happy and he was well loved in his retirement place, the church website said.

Over the years, Doorkins became a popular and well-known figure that many came to meet in the cathedral on purpose.

In 2012, it also met Queen Elizabeth, who visited the cathedral.

According to CNN, the queen was said to be greatly amused when the sleeping cat had just raised its head for a moment, looked indifferently at the ruler, and then continued to snooze.

The cat also attracted attention and amusement with its other hustle and bustle, such as sleeping in the crib of a child of Jesus at Christmas and taking a nap under the coffin of a deceased judge at his funeral.

Doorkins also ended up as a character in a children’s book.

Doorkins ’popularity and love for it were precisely the reasons that justified arranging a blessing for the cat.

The cat was buried in the cathedral garden in the presence of 30 escorts.

- He has been a blessing to us in so many ways.

We will miss him, Judge Andrew Nunn said in a church press release in early October.

Wednesday’s memorial service evoked positive emotions in many.

In comments to the live broadcast, which gathered nearly 7,500 viewers on Youtube, the people of the cathedral were praised, the opportunity was praised, and many were also excited to recall their own encounters with Doorkins.

- Thank you so much for this wonderful service.

In these times of stress, anger, and anger, it felt so warming and soothing to the heart.

Rest well, Doorkins.

You were so loved, wrote, among other things, a woman who commented on the broadcast.

  • The full recording of the event can be seen in the YouTube video embedded below.

However, not everyone was equally open about holding the blessing ceremony.

- Is this a joke?

I really hope so.

If it isn’t, then this is grossly indifferent to grieving families and their priests during regional coronary virus restrictions, Bishop Burnley, Bishop John North, commented on the Nunn’s Twitter invitation to Doorkins ’blessing.

However, North remained in the minority with its opinions.

Many replied to the bishop that his own comment was in fact “grossly indifferent” and also unchristian.

Judge Nunn later told CNN he did not regret holding the blessing at all.

“I got used to the fact that he had more Twitter followers than I did and that he brought more people to church than I could ever bring,” Nunn said.

- We had people who might not go to church, but they came to find a cat.

And I think they felt welcome.

They ended up in a holy place and spent time with people with a good cat, the judge continued.

Nunn said he was also surprised at how many people who watched the event online said they cried during it.

He believed the opportunity provided a discharge channel for the emotions that are in motion a lot in the current world situation.

- Some may think that cats do not deserve ceremonies and commemorative speeches and that their death should be ignored.

But I can't agree.

I’m not particularly a cat human - or at least I wasn’t before she met - but this little cat that walked in our door, picked us up and stayed, changed our lives and improved our mission and clergy, Metro said Nunn said at Doorkins ’blessing.