Salo-based firefighter Joonas Mäkipelto, 32, broke the new Finnish record in the replay competition in Hyvinkää.

Mäkipelto, who competed in the 80-kg series, pulled 63 approved jaws.

This is Finland's highest ever result, taking into account all print series.

- I'm satisfied.

The minimum requirement was met, which means that I got the best result ever in Finland.

However, training has usually gone 66-67 jaws and my record is 69, so it wasn’t my best level.

It went well, but the compression force ran out, Mäkipelto commented on his performance to Ilta-Sanomat.

An earlier record was held by Juha Ruokonen from Jyväskylä, who four years ago also pulled 63 approved jaws in the same weight class.

However, Ruokonen's race weight at that time was lighter than Mäkipelto.

- The record is now officially in my name because I was five pounds heavier.

In fact, I think, however, that we are equal, and equally tough guys with Juhan, Mäkipelto laughs.

You can see a video of Mäkipello's 63 jaw SE performance below.

Many may remember Mäkipello’s incomprehensible world records.

In the winter of 2016, Mäkipelto railed 5,050 jaws in Lempäälä Ideapark in 24 hours.

In the autumn of the same year, Mäkipelto pulled 4,040 jaws in 12 hours.

With both performances, he recorded his name in the Guinness Book of Records.

Mäkipelto has pulled 1,010 and 600 jaws in half an hour.

In his world records, Mäkipelto used a counter-take, while in the replay jaw competition held in Hyvinkää, he pulled with a hand.

Mäkipelto tells IS that one day he plans to break his jaw pull record results listed above.

At the moment, however, Mäkipelto is focusing on preying on a world record in another species, indoor rowing.

- I'm trying to break a 500-meter record in indoor rowing.

Another option is a minute record, which is how many meters you can row in a minute.

500 meters takes about a minute and 20 seconds, so basically both are my goals, Mäkipelto says.

- I said earlier that I have to train for two years in order to be able to get inside the ME results.

If I don’t get to break records this year, then next year, Mäkipelto believes.

Joonas Mäkipelto set a 12-hour world record in the Kamppi shopping center in October 2016. Photo: Gustavo Alavedra

The Finnish Championships for Repetition will be held in Tampere at the end of November.

Mäkipelto is expecting a tough fight between him and Ruokonen from the Finnish Championships.

Ruokonen pulled 60 jaws in Hyvinkää's Saturday race.