Sweden risks being involved in an international dispute after a Swedish citizen was arrested in Istanbul and handed over to Iran.

The man is a leader in the Arab Struggle Movement for the Liberation of Ahwaz (ASMLA).

The separatist organization is branded a terrorist state by the Iranian state and has been accused of carrying out acts against both civilian and military targets in the country.

The organization also has close ties to Iran's arch-enemy Saudi Arabia, which reportedly funds the movement.

Relatives state that both Swedish and American authorities have confirmed the arrest and request that the Swedish police and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs act.

The email is covered by confidentiality

The Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirms that they are aware of the case but refuses to comment further and has masked all information in the email traffic with the embassy in Ankara.

Arvin Khoshnood, a researcher and Iran expert, believes that the man's life is in danger.

- He will probably, after intensive interrogations, be shown on state television where he admits a number of terrorist crimes.

He will also be sentenced to death by a court, and sooner or later he will be executed.

How do you react to a Swedish citizen being extradited to Iran?

- The fact that Turkey is leaving a Swedish citizen to Iran is startling and will have a negative effect on Ankara's already cold relationship with the EU.

What is frightening, however, is that this clearly shows that the regime in Iran has intensified its work against opponents in exile.

SVT Nyheter has sought the Iranian embassy in Stockholm.

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In the clip below, Iran expert Arvin Khoshnood explains more about the case and about ASMLA:

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Arvin Khoshnood, researcher and Iranian expert, on ASMLA and the consequences of extradition from Turkey to Iran.

Photo: SVT / Vahid Salemi / AP