As many as 40 new coronavirus infections have been detected in Turku during the last day.

The situation in Salo has also deteriorated: 10 new cases of corona have occurred in the city every day.

Other recent corona cases in the hospital district of Southwest Finland are in Raisio (3), Lieto (1), Loimaa (1) and Naantali (1).

The incidence rate in the region is now 43.1 per 100,000 inhabitants, up from 37.2 on Thursday.

The corona situation in Turku has deteriorated considerably in certain areas during the week.

Infections have occurred, especially in schools, and several classes and entire schools have had to be quarantined.

The city government therefore decided at its extraordinary meeting on Friday that the students of the two units of Varissuo school and Nummenpaka school will be transferred to distance education.

The regulation applies to 4th graders and older students in schools.

The decision will take effect on Monday, November 2 and end on November 15.

The decision concerns 82 students at Varissuo School and 750 students at Nummenpaka.

Instead, good news was received from Naantali Suopello High School on Friday.

The result of the quick test of a person in school was initially positive, but the confirmation test was negative.

Consequently, the quarantines of those exposed are lifted.