Would it be possible to charge the electric car more easily and efficiently than before, so that the electrical energy is charged to a high-power capacitor instead of the traction battery - which then feeds the battery as needed while driving?

And what about wireless charging?

Is it perhaps the future soon, for example in the carport of a terraced house?

And if so, at what price?

Tuukka Heikkilä, M.Sc. in Electrical Engineering and expert in the Finnish Energy Industry Association, Kari Kaihonen, President of the Finnish Automobile Association SATL and Development Director of Taitotalo, Vesa Linja-aho, Lecturer in Metropolia Automotive Electronics, Frans Malmari Diagnolo Finnish experts answer this question as follows:

“In theory, it is possible, in practice not (at least for now), because two parallel energy storage systems would increase the size and price of the vehicle too much.

There are no serious plans to promote this (capacitor idea).

While modern electric car batteries can be charged up to 300 km in 15 to 20 minutes, charging speeds are a problem for quite a few. ”

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“Wireless chargers are not yet on the market, so it is difficult to estimate the price range.

For example, at BMW, wireless charging has been in test use in Germany since 2018 and in the United States since autumn 2019.

The BMW wireless charger charges at 3.7 kW.

However, practical experience has shown that connecting the charging cable is a small hassle and after a while few people need wireless charging anymore. ”

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Source: Finnish Automotive Technology Association (2020): Questions about electric cars - SATL experts answer.