U.S. racing player Nairoby “Nairo” Quezada, 23, has commented on Twitter on allegations of juvenile abuse against him in the summer after a break of several months.

Super Smash.

Quezada, one of the stars of the Bros series, has said in a long article that he has been in contact with the lawyer with whom he intends to take legal action as a result of the incident.

A 30-page document has been prepared on the case, with several lines of evidence supporting the timeline of events and allegations.

Quezada hasn’t been able to share the document, but several of his game colleagues have said on Twitter that he saw it and stood behind the star of the game.

Quezada was accused in the summer of exploiting underage Smash player Zack “CaptainZack” Lauth on a tournament trip in 2017. Quezada was then 20 and Lauth 15.

The 23-year-old admitted in a message shared on Twitter on July 2 that he had acted incorrectly and apologized to Lauth, but did not go into details.

At the same time, he announced he was leaving Smash circles and social media.

NRG Esports, represented by him, terminated the player’s contract immediately.

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In a message now shared, Quezada writes that Lauth’s allegations are windy.

Quezada said he panicked and collapsed in the summer when he saw how quickly people and even his friends turned against him.

Quezada says she slept on a tournament trip in 2017 in the same hotel room as Lauth because this one with her friend had messed up a hotel room reservation.

- We slept in different beds, but I woke up when Zack was harassing me.

I panicked, I was horrified, and my body froze as he forced me into oral sex.

I shouted at him to stop, but he refused and didn’t stop until I pushed him off, Quezada writes about the events in the hotel room.

The incident left deep trauma to Quezada, who according to the writing suffered from nightmares for the next few years and often contemplated suicide.

He suffered from the situation alone in silence for fear of his future.

After a break of less than two years, Lauth was in contact with Quezada in August 2019. Lauth asked for money because he had lost his sponsor.

Quezada paid to the next six months in three installments totaling $ 825.

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Only this summer, after the allegations and stories came to light, Quezada, with the help of his brother and friends, understood what happened to him in the hotel room in 2017.

- The cold and harsh truth was that Zack had raped me and blackmailed me all this time because I didn't understand what had happened to me.

[..] I have spoken with two therapists, who are sivistäneet me and told me to have been raped, Quezada write.

At the time of his writing, the 23-year-old concluded that he had lost “his friend, his team, his racing career, his Twitch career, and his future” because of the uproar.

The continuation of the case has been left in the hands of the lawyers.

The player is now focused on taking care of themselves in therapy.

Quezada’s writing tweets have been Redistributed 11,700 times and there are 30,000 likes. In Smash circles, reactions to the message have varied widely: Many have settled behind Quezada, but some believe the game star is just trying to wash his face.