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vote to change the party constitution so that the Democratic Party can nominate candidates for the Seoul and Busan mayors by-election in April next year is taking place today (31st) morning.

In response, the victims of the alleged sexual harassment case, former Seoul Mayor Park Won-soon, are also protesting against this, and the Democratic Party is considering an additional apology while announcing the results on Monday next week.

This is reporter Yun Nara.

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Democratic Party's vote for former party members is to change the Party constitution that nominations will not be made if a re-election is made due to a serious mistake of a party official.

It starts today and runs until 6pm tomorrow.

Prior to the voting, Democratic Party representative Lee Nak-yeon said "I apologize with all my heart" to the victims of the alleged harassment of the former Mayor Park Won-soon and Oh Geo-don, but the victim of the Mayor Park case said, "What on earth are you apologizing for? Yesterday, a public letter was sent to Mr. Lee, refusing what measures have been taken by the ruling party in power.

The power of the people today insisted that the nomination is the third assault on the victims, and Justice Party lawmaker Ryu Ho-jeong criticized, "The Democratic Party that left a cowardly decision as the party member is cowardly."

In 2017, the Democratic Party criticized the Liberal Korean Party's candidate for a re-election held by the then-lawful wife of the Liberal Korean Party in violation of the election law.

[Chu Mi-ae/CEO of the Democratic Party at the time (March 2017): The Liberal Party deserves no candidate.

Unfortunately, it is said that the Liberal Party decided yesterday to change the no-nomination policy in the first place and to nominate again.

It cannot be said to be an unreasonable behavior.]

Following criticism and opposition, the Democratic Party is reviewing a plan to apologize to the victims once more by announcing the results of the former party's vote at the Supreme Council on Monday.

(Video coverage: Kim Hyun-sang, video editing: Kim Sun-tak)