In the match of Hockey Mestis on Thursday night between Kajaani Hoki and Rovaniemi Kieko, a turbulent situation happened when the final buzzer played.

With five seconds left in the match, the start was the home team leading 2–1 in the Hoki defensive area.

Hockey won the start to the end, and defender Christoffer Seppelin closed the puck against the edge to consume the remaining couple of seconds of the clock.

At the same time, Henri Joki-Erkkilä of RoKin ran a hard tack on the back of the field to the crooked Seppelin on the puck and fisted his head with the force of this head.

Joki-Erkkilä, 33, was sentenced to 5 + 20 minutes in 60.00 for back tackling.

Hockey head coach Niko Eronen said on Friday morning that Seppelin, 27, had to spend the night in the hospital.

However, the player was released home in the morning.

Eronen said that Seppelin will not be involved in at least Friday's match.

However, the coach could not yet assess how bad the injury would ultimately be.

- You don't know about this type of injury.

We have one player on the sidelines due to a similar injury two months ago, Eronen said, referring to head injuries.

In Erosen's opinion, Joki-Erkkilä's Taklaus was the dirtiest trick he has ever seen.

- The witch always hurts in the heat of the game, but there were five seconds left in the game, and when you lose a hundred and zero starts, the game is practically over.

Nevertheless, he took the tackle to the end of the player whose number was visible all the way.

That makes this a dirty trick.

Mestis placed Joki-Erkkilä temporarily banned from play before a final disciplinary decision was made.